What’s missing in your programming

All too often we see coaches prescribe too much volume, too much intensity, too many times a week. At the end of the day, 99.9% of people who show up at a CrossFit box do NOT want to increase their snatch or compete at the CrossFit games. Most simply want to have more energy and … Read more

Cycles: stop wasting your clients time

I still don’t understand why coaches that program for CrossFit boxes subscribe to a linear model of programming. And I’m not sure how linear based cycles and CrossFit became connected because the two could NOT be any more unfit to be married. In group programming, we have many limitations, many of which can not be … Read more

Make recovery great again

In this article, I hope to expound upon the often forgotten aspect of development: recovery. In this day and age, people are pressed for time and chronically stressed out; not to mention most don’t have great sleeping or eating habits, which can completely negate the effect of even the best program. One of the most … Read more

Trim the fat from your coaching cues

When I first started coaching CrossFit classes I was like a young kid with ADHD; I wanted to give my clients every.single.cue in hopes they’d transform into Rich Froning from my magical coaching! Of course, this did not happen. My wife would often look at me like I had 9 heads when we were taking … Read more

Design a kick-ass PT session

Over the years, we’ve seen more and more gyms start to increase their revenue by way of personal training. Not only is this is a great idea, but it allows us to open up our doors to segments of the population that might not want to do CrossFit. The perception of the general public is … Read more

Intra-set rest for new muscle growth

Using intra-set rest or “clusters” is hardly a new concept. In fact, Olympic lifters use clusters regularly, some without even knowing it. Put simply, we are using small bouts of rest (10-20s) in between reps to provide recovery and avoid movement deterioration which would normally occur during a straight set with appreciable loading. In “Supertraining” … Read more

The Value of Practical Knowledge

“If you won’t do your own program, then it probably sucks.” – Anonymous In this day and age, entering the fitness industry is relatively easy. Within a few weeks time, you can be training other people, if you so choose. In a few months time, you can essentially open your own CrossFit box, assuming you have … Read more

Group programming: how our system works

Over the past decade, group fitness has grown drastically. To give you some background history, I started out as a Strength and Conditioning coach back in 2004, got involved with CrossFit in 2006, and opened my box in 2011. Before CrossFit, I began learning and practicing Louie Simmons’ Conjugate Method at a facility I had … Read more

Opinion vs. Expertise

At no point, should you ever compromise the health and well-being of your clients and base your principles off the feedback of a non-expert.

Fast Twitch vs. Slow Twitch: Are You Fated For Gains? 

Guest Post by Coach Cassio Oliveria of Mainline CrossFit With all other training factors being equal, there will always be those lucky individuals who seem to have a natural advantage over their peers when it comes to hoisting massive weights, building freaky dense muscle, or excelling in competition. Despite diligently and intelligently planning your training, … Read more