Affiliate Program Design

Program for the rest & scale for the best.

The Goal: Smarter CrossFit.

What do I receive when I sign up?

  1. Excellent programming. We are actual exercise physiologists who have credentials that matter to your clients. We are also former gym owners and understand what every group fitness client wants.
  2. Comprehensive lesson plans. Each day includes 60-minute breakdowns, minute by minute; giving you the time you need to run your business more efficiently.
  3. Time. By outsourcing your programming you’ll gain 8+ hours a month to work ON your business.
  4. Education for you and your coaches. We spend a lot of time on coach education so that you can implement BP effectively with your clients. We want you to be the expert!
  5. Clients that look and feel amazing. They will be leaner, stronger, and better conditioned than ever before.
  6. Improved conditioning. Everyone wants to be better at CrossFit, and a better aerobic system is how you do that. We use conditioning methods based in science, NOT guesswork.
  7. Increased strength. Strong clients are resilient clients and increasing their strength will keep them PR’ing for years to come.
  8. PRs! Who doesn’t love PRs? Expect PRs on on the classic CrossFit WODs that you know and love, as well as on lifts and skills.
  9. A community. We are all familiar with this term, and there’s a reason! Having a community of like-minded individuals is important so we have a private Facebook page with over 400 owners and coaches to share achievements, questions, and to learn from each other.
  10. Integration with platforms like WODify, SugarWOD and BTWB. No more spending endless hours uploading programming into your backend- we’ve got you covered!
  11. Extra Programming: Extra Bodybuilding work directed at improving legs, arms, and abs. This can be done in conjunction with Affiliate Programming as an “add on” and will NOT take away from the other programming. Extra Conditioning work to improve aerobic function. This work can also be done in conjunction with Affiliate Programming. This programming is accessible on your programming calendar.
  12. On-boarding Course: This course gives you and your coaches all of the “why” behind our methods and includes a PDF as well as 16 video modules.
  13. Proven track record: Our programming is trusted by more than 200 CrossFit gyms and used by more than 30,000 people on a daily basis.
  14. Expertise: We didn’t take a weekend seminar last weekend, we are exercise physiologists with credentials to back it up!

All the best of CrossFit, but done smarter!

What do I receive when I sign up?

  • Immediate access to the Box Programming platform.
  • Rx+ competitor options that gives your higher-level individuals chances to do perform higher-skill work.
  • Private access to a coaching group full of vibrant and engaged discussion on the methods and techniques for improving your coaches' performance and your clients' results. Videos explaining the upcoming days of programming are uploaded weekly
  • Our Affiliate Success Program, designed to educate coaches on the "why" behind all our methods. This course contains over a dozen video modules to help you implement BP in your gym seamlessly.
  • An education platform to enhance your coaches knowledge in all aspects of strength, conditioning, and CrossFit.​

What does the programming include?

  • A daily 60-minute lesson plan that includes all aspects of your class, such as the whiteboard brief, warm-up/mobility, strength or skill, conditioning, and extra-credit work.​ Coaches notes are also included.
  • Videos detailing each movement are linked throughout the programming so that you and your coaches can ensure everything is being done correctly and consistently.
  • A monthly breakdown reviewing what's coming and when we last tested specific key performance indicators
  • A blend of strength, conditioning, and accessory work using the most powerful method in the world.
  • An emphasis on low-skill strength and conditioning measures, with plenty of recovery built in.
  • Integration with WODify, BTWB and SugarWOD