Affiliate Program Design

Program for the rest. Scale for the best.

Box Programming Affiliate Program Design is a turn-key, all-encompassing strength, conditioning, body composition, and exercise-science-based group programming design subscription service. APD safely increases all aspects of fitness simultaneously and creates clients for life.

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The Goal: Smarter CrossFit.

Who is it for?

CrossFit affiliate owners who are ready to make the switch to a smarter way of programming, provided by an expert in Strength and Conditioning.

How does it work?

Box Programming Affiliate Program Design is an ongoing, online monthly subscription service. You get instant access to our programming calendar and can implement our programming plans immediately in your facility.

Why does it exist?

BP came to be because there’s a huge gap in the fitness industry: most “programmers” do not have a background in strength & conditioning– their only exposure to this world has been through CrossFit. Unfortunately, Greg Glassman was a gymnast, not an Exercise Scientist, and what he programmed felt GREAT for many people early on, but does not support their goals of feeling good today. We love CrossFit just as much as everyone; but we structure the workouts and overall annual plan to HELP your clients, not beat them up!

What can I expect?

  • You will free up a minimum of 8+ hours a month to work ON your business. Our lessons plans include 60-minutes of minute-by-minute breakdown.
  • You will gain the knowledge necessary to differentiate your CrossFit box and to build clients for life.
  • You’ll create an internal retention plan when you implement Box Programming; you won’t have to worry about things like overtraining and overuse injury.
  • You’ll elevate the knowledge of your coaches and your clients will notice; We provide you with a weekly and monthly breakdown and all the content to understand our “why” as well as access to private coaching group.
  • Your clients will look better, feel better, and thank you for it. They will be leaner, stronger, and better conditioned than ever before.
  • Create a higher return on your time by doing Personal Training with clients that want individualized training.
  • Stop killing your clients with high-intensity work on the regular. The human body is simply NOT designed for that. Our programming ensures a safe progression for both clients and coaches.
  • A healthy dose of strength and hypertrophy work, a balance of low-threshold vs. high-threshold work, and measures that guarantee a high-return on investment are what your clients need to be successful.
  • Your clients want to look better in a bathing suits more than they want to compete in CrossFit, so why aren’t we giving them what they need to be successful?
  • Our one of a kind system blends the best of strength, conditioning, CrossFit in a cohesive programming unit.
  • This service now comes with a comprehensive programming fundamentals course which includes videos modules and written study material.
  • Absolutely everything you need for you and your coaches to successfully execute the programming in group classes.

"Nobody is better at CrossFit Programming than Jason"

Dr. John Rusin, owner of John Rusin Fitness Systems

What do I receive when I sign up?

  • Immediate access to the Box Programming platform, complete with daily programming, access to owners and coaches, certifications, additional courses, and more.
  • Our Competitor Program Design that aligns with our Affiliate Program Design plan, but gives your higher-level athletes the tools for success.
  • Private access to a coaching group full of vibrant and engaged discussion on the methods and techniques for improving your coaches' performance and your clients' results. Videos explaining the upcoming days of programming are uploaded weekly
  • Our one-of-a-kind comprehensive Box Programming Fundamentals Coaching Course, designed to educate coaches on the "why" behind all our methods. This course contains over a dozen video modules as well as a 40-page downloadable study guide.
  • An education platform to enhance your coaches knowledge in all aspects of strength, conditioning, and CrossFit.​

What does the programming include?

  • A daily 60-minute lesson plan that includes all aspects of your class, such as the whiteboard brief, warm-up/mobility, strength or skill, conditioning, and extra-credit work.​ Coaches notes are also included.
  • Videos detailing each movement are linked throughout the programming so that you and your coaches can ensure everything is being done correctly and consistently.
  • A monthly breakdown reviewing what's coming and when we last tested specific key performance indicators
  • An intelligent approach to group programming that allows for consistent progression while avoiding overtraining​.
  • A blend of strength, conditioning, and accessory work using the most powerful method in the world.
  • An emphasis on low-skill strength and conditioning measures, with plenty of recovery built in.
  • Integration with BTWB and SugarWOD (with Wodify on the way!)

How do I get started?

You get instant access to the Box Programming Affiliate Program Design service as soon as you enroll below, and you can begin implementing the programming right away. No contracts, no commitment, and cancel anytime (with 30 days notice) if you’re not completely and totally satisfied.

Your first month will be prorated until the beginning of the following month, and the subscription will be billed on the first of the month from that point forward.

Wondering why we are more expensive? Here’s what you actually receive behind the scenes – hint it’s more than just random workouts. Check it out!

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