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Strength and Conditioning

The Box Squat

Get Stronger by Box Squatting A lot of time people hear the term “box squat” and think it’s simply squatting to a box and standing up. In some ways this is true, but there is much more to the box squat than meets the eye. The reasons why I love the box squat so much

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Tissue Work and Recovery

Tissue Work and Recovery Tissue work definitely isn’t the most fun part of training, but it’s something that definitely should not be neglected! In fact, 10 minutes of tissue work a day can facilitate recovery, help prevent future injuries and  keep you feeling like a champ on the reg! Below I’m going to outline a quick

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The Conjugate System for the Competitive CrossFit Athlete

At more and more CrossFit boxes there are regular people moving extraordinary weights on a weekly basis. Some people may think we have a strength bias or that our conjugate training leans more towards people increasing their training maxes rather than their conditioning. I definitely think there is some truth to this, but I’m going

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The Conjugate System for a CrossFit Gym

Over the past decade, CrossFit’s growth has been explosive and there is no slowdown in sight. Since I started CrossFit in 2006, I’ve noticed a trend in our community: new box owners brimming with excitement and passion for running a new business, for training people and for helping others, but some without the experience to properly

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