Affiliate programming: why we charge more than anyone else

In a day and age where we are always “plugged in” and have access to countless streams of free programming, it’s easy for a gym owner to take the cheapest route available to save time.

To be honest, I can’t envision ever going this route if I was a gym-owner as there is little chance you’re going to be in the actual head of the coach in terms of really knowing their plan, design, and “why” (if they have one.)

But, the old adage “we don’t know what we don’t know” rings true here.

With a multitude of services on the market, why on earth would you pay 3-4x more for our Affiliate Programming vs. many of our competitors?

I like the analogy, you can buy beef at McDonald’s OR you can buy a steak at Mortens. It’s really like comparing apples to oranges.

The biggest difference? You’re getting a coaching education tool NOT just programming. This education includes the actual science our system is based on as well as insight into “the why” behind particular strength and conditioning pieces, not mention the exercise physiology component.

This system of programming has been presented to several credible sources of education such as the NSCA and as of right now we’ll be launching an accredited program-design course this year to further educate our clients’ coaches on all the nuances of group program design.

We are big believers that the programming is only as good as the coaches ability to execute and explain it and without the education piece, you’re simply missing out on some low hanging fruit. As you can imagine this where gym owners really save the time.

More importantly, this is where the biggest gap is – bridging the gap between strength & conditioning and CrossFit (the two are NOT one of the same and there is a great value to understanding ALL forms of training.)

Here’s what I personally do to ensure your coaches are being kept in the know:

  1. Weekly Programming Breakdowns: This gives coaches an overview of the upcoming week, how this fits into the plan, as well as additional content that coincides with the program design.
  2. Monthly Programming Breakdowns: This gives an overarching view of an entire block of programming that could entail various objectives depending on certain events like the CrossFit Open.
  3. Video breakdown of each upcoming day of programming: This gives even more detail for the actual lesson-plan as well as vital coaching notes that will help ensure your clients are getting the best possible outcomes.
  4. Content regularly: Most of our content is free and available here, but sifting through 150+ articles and 500+ videos are sometimes daunting. This content will be organized and distributed in our private Facebook group when it’s needed.
  5. Access to myself: I make myself accessible to our private group daily. Additionally, I stream live-feeds in our group to answer any questions. On top of that, my clients/coaches can book free calls with me whenever they feel it’s necessary.
  6. Great programming: Obviously this goes without saying, but more importantly you’re getting an entire lesson plan (example included below) with your minute by minute plan, multiple scaling options for ability and equipment, not to mention everything being linked to videos. Most importantly, managing the stress of the training is carefully monitored to ensure we don’t burn your clients out.
  7. An in-depth look at the science behind our plan: Anyone can write a good workout, but the difference between putting out a good workout and comprehensive plan that is mindful of how these pieces fit together is paramount to the overall success of our clients.
  8. Results: Anything will work, but nothing will work forever is true in most cases. With our system, there is a constant rotation of variations keeping people engaged and progressing. We regularly see our clients that have been with us nearly four years reporting consistent progression by their clients. To prove to your clients they are getting better we have a 12-16 timeline of retesting BP strength & conditioning pieces.
  9. Prioritization of modalities that actually work: We aren’t going to waste your clients time with antiquated linear squat cycles or gymnastics skill cycles. Instead, we prioritize measures that will resonate with the MAJORITY of your clients. For more information on this check this article out here.
  10. Competitor Programming Included: We includes an additional stream of programming that aligns with our affiliate plan meaning your higher-skill folks can get what they need to successful while not overtraining like most “competitor plans.”
  11. Constantly evolving: I don’t recycle old programming. Ever. Why? Because anything I’ve written in the past is NOT as good as what I’m currently writing. It’s really that simple. Even after being in the industry for 15 years I’m still learning new things.
  12. Coaching Certification Course: Coming in June, this will be the first of it’s kind “Group Program Design” course giving your coaches all of the tools they need for having a deeper understanding of exercise science, bioenergetics, special strengths, and more. Our clients will receive inside access to this.
  13. The future of CrossFit: The climate is changing and as a BP client you’ll be on the forefront of a revolution that has begun in group fitness – beating people up with random workouts will no longer cut it!

This article isn’t meant to be self-aggrandizing, it’s meant to show how passionate we are about what we do as well as the confidence to say you’re getting a legitimate system of programming and education unlike anything else available on the market.

Saving time writing programming is a major reason why many gym owners outsource, but also consider the time you’re saving with the education piece. For us, this is a full-time job and a job that requires 100% dedication, not just something that’s done every Sunday night.

Let us be your head-coach NOT just your programmer.

*Recent poll from a popular CrossFit Affiliate Owner group

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