The benefits of outsourcing your programming

As a former gym owner, I know how hard it is to devote time to areas that are invariably going to influence the success of your business.

If you’re a gym owner you’ve probably thought things like, “I’m already pressed for time and simply don’t have the time needed to devote to programming.”

Or “programming takes up a LOT of my time,”

And “am I doing a good job programming?”

If one of your coaches is responsible for programming you may have thought “are my coaches doing a good job?”

Trust me, I get it. And that’s why I want to help. I care about the stress that gym owners like you face when writing their own programming as well as the stress they face when considering outsourcing programming.

Previously it was thought that outsourcing programming to someone outside of your facility was sacrilegious.

But gym owners have started to realize that what Greg Glassman quoted a decade ago still holds true: that “the needs of Olympic athletes and our grandparents differ by degree, not kind.”

If you’re programming for a group, you are focused on two main goals: to help your clients feel better and look better.

Individualized programming at the group level is unnecessary, but programming that checks the two boxes above (feel good, look good) IS.

Because I understand your feelings, I’d like to give you five different ways that outsourcing to Box Programming can create more time to bring in more revenue to your facility, and retain clients for the long term.

By signing up with Box Programming, you’re taking a stand against the old-school mentality that you must crush your clients with volume and intensity day after day.

We now know that this is NOT an intelligent way to train your clients nor does it lend itself to longevity.

Having a systematic plan that manages movement patterns, volume, and intensity appropriately IS an intelligent way to train your clients.

Five Ways That Outsourcing Programming Saves You Time, Money, and Clients

  1. You will free up a minimum of 8+ hours a month to work ON your business.  You can focus on what it’s really going to take to get people into your door. Unfortunately, programming isn’t it. As much as I hate to say, 99% of people that find your box do so because of location and price and when they visit your box sign-up because of cleanliness of your facility and how they were treated not because they really dig the periodization and energy systems development in your programming. With 8+ hours a month off your plate, you’ll have more time to dedicate to the success of your box.
  2. You’ll create an internal retention plan when you implement Box Programming. If you’re writing your programming the week before your classes or even worse the night before, you’re likely to miss vital components of making sure your athletes progress and not sustain an injury. Injured clients are clients that will lose trust in you and inevitably cancel their membership. This can be avoided by working with an expert. With that said, there are MANY things we can do to mitigate the risk of overuse injury and overtraining. A professional that programs full-time will know how to do this. In the same token, if you’re working with a pro it’s likely your clients will hit PRs more regularly. Lack of injuries and consistent results = happy clients!
  3. You’ll elevate the knowledge of your coaches and your clients will notice. Outsourcing programming should come with additional content to explain movements and methods down to the very science. Of course, your athletes may not need to know these reasons, but if your coaches are able to answer any question and explain “the why” in depth they’ll earn more credibility with your athletes. No one wants to pay for a membership if coaches aren’t competent. Providing this education is another time commitment, but at Box Programming we provide all the necessary content to you and your coaches to save you even more time. On another note, having done a weekend seminar or having written workouts for a few years does NOT mean you’re an expert. I brush my teeth every day, twice a day. That does not mean I’m a dentist.
  4. Your clients will look better, feel better, and thank you for it. Hammering home this point is crucial: your clients need to make progress consistently, regardless of their training age and background. Otherwise, they’ll look to go somewhere else. This is why having a professional plan is a must. Delivering a “random plan” you developed a week ago will not do the trick long-term and the development of a plan takes time and expertise.
  5. Create a higher return on your time by doing Personal Training with clients that want individualized training: When you outsource your programming to BP, you will now be focused on the group as a whole. For the clients that have very specific goals (I want a muscle up by the Open; I want to lose those last 12lbs before my son’s wedding in three months, etc) you can build value in doing one on one training that focuses directly on THEM and their goals. If you can make $15 by showing up to coach a class, you can make almost 4x that by doing a 60-minute personal training session with an individual.

Here’s our wish for you: 

That you get your Sundays back and are free to spend them however you’d like. That you’re no longer stressed about whether or not your programming is well-laid out and will keep your clients healthy.

And finally that you can rest (or recover!) easy knowing that your clients’ fitness lies in the hands of a professional.

With Box Programming you’ll get comprehensive daily lesson plans complete with warm-ups, skill or strength, your workout of the day, video links, daily whiteboard brief talking points, and the intent of every workout.

You’ll also receive weekly and monthly overviews of upcoming training that you can share with your coaching staff as ongoing education.

You’ll know it’s working when the majority of your clientele is bragging about how many PRs they’ve had this month and how good they feel lately.

Pro Tip: Just becuase you own the gym does not mean it’s “free” if you do something yourself. Time = money. That means everything you do costs you. Whether or not it’s a positive return on investment depends. To calculate the money it costs for you to write programming, do this quick calculation:

1. Think about the annual salary you’d like to take home from your gym.
2. Divide that by 2000 hours (the average amount someone would work in 50 weeks). That’s your hourly rate.
3. Multiply that hourly rate by the hours it takes you do gym programming each month.
4. Determine if outsourcing is a positive gain in revenue.

Let Box Programming do the heavy lifting for you. Sign up today.


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