Affiliate Programming

What our programming includes:

  • 60-Minute lesson plan that includes all aspects of your class such as whiteboard brief, warm-up/mobility, strength or skill, conditioning, and extra-credit work.
  • An education platform to enhance your coaches knowledge in all aspects of strength, conditioning, and CrossFit.
  • Video linked movements
  • Built-in recovery measures
  • A blend of strength, conditioning, and accessory work
  • A weekly breakdown and a monthly breakdown of programming for your coaches
  • Private Coach/Client Facebook group where videos explaining upcoming days of programming are uploaded weekly
  • An intelligent approach to group programming that allows for consistent progression while avoiding overtraining

$237.00 on the 1st of each month


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Let us help you turn your clients into a better version of themselves!

You will free up a minimum of 10+ hours a month to work ON your business. Our lessons plans include 60-minutes of minute-by-minute breakdown.

You’ll create an internal retention plan when you implement Box Programming; you won’t have to worry about things like overtraining and overuse injury.

You’ll elevate the knowledge of your coaches and your clients will notice; We provide you with a weekly and monthly breakdown and all the content to understand our “why.”

Your clients will look better, feel better, and thank you for it.

Create a higher return on your time by doing Personal Training with clients that want individualized training:

Pro Tip: Just because you own the gym does not mean it’s “free” if you do something yourself. Time = money. That means everything you do cost you. Whether or not it’s a positive return on investment depends. To calculate the money it costs for you to write programming, do this quick calculation:

  1. Think about the annual salary you’d like to take home from your gym.
  2. Divide that by 2000 hours (the average amount someone would work in 50 weeks). That’s your hourly rate.
  3. Multiply that hourly rate by the hours it takes you to do gym programming each month.
  4. Determine if outsourcing is a positive gain in revenue.

Let Box Programming do the heavy lifting for you. Sign up today.

$237.00 on the 1st of each month


Brian Alexander

I have been working with Box Programming for well over 2 years now and it has been one of the best decisions for my business. Our members have been consistently PRing and have far less injuries and aches and pains.

Since we started with Box Programming, I have more time to spend with my family and my coaches can focus on delivering world class coaching and the happiest hour of everyone’s day!

If you want to take care of your members and yourself, this is the solution.

Brian Alexander
Box Owner & Business Coach

Christian Thibadeau

Jason is an amazing source of training information. Not only is he a great coach, but he is an awesome person (of course, we are like twins separated at birth) He is one of the few people who I learn from. Heck he has even corrected me a few times, improving my own coaching and teaching! If I were switching to CrossFit, he would be the second person I turn to; I would first go see a psychologist, then straight to J for the best programing advice! He has so much to offer to anybody interested in strength, conditioning and performance that all strength coaches should try to learn as much as possible from him.

Dr. John Rusin

Jason Brown is on of the clearest thinking coaches and programmers in the industry. His programming is not only well rounded with elements of many different disciplines of fitness combined into one cohesive programming unit, but it’s also some of the most effective training out there. I recommend Jason’s programming to any box style gym or facility without question. You’d be in excellent hands with some of the best programming and workouts in the industry.

Dr. John Rusin