Affiliate Programming

$237.00 / month

  • Includes complete, 60-minute class plans to include warm-up, mobility or activation, strength, conditioning and accessory work as well as all of your minute-by-minute time layouts.
  • Includes access to our state of the art platform which has movements linked to videos, vital training notes, and multiple continuing educational resources to make using our programming as detailed and as efficient as possible.
  • All training includes multiple options for various skill levels with both strength and conditioning pieces, as well as multiple options for equipment constraints.
  • You receive access to 4-Weeks of Programming at a time. After each day, the previous day falls off of the calendar and a new day is released, allowing you to always be ahead.
  • Materials to educate and empower your coaches
  • Billing occurs 1x a month. The day you sign-up will be your billing date.
  • No commitment, but we do ask for 30 days notice to cancel.



Our system of concurrent training includes a one-of-a-kind plan written by Jason Brown who has been a Strength and Conditioning Specialist for nearly 15-years. Included is work that will allow your members to improve their limiting factors and get closer to their goals. In addition, our plan is well-thought-out in terms of managing volume and intensity. You will never feel like our system is “random,” as we have your clients best interest in mind.

You can expect to see improvement in all areas of your clients’ fitness while avoiding common injuries that occur at most functional fitness facilities. Most importantly, our system is fun with detailed class plans that include opportunities for your clients to enjoy the process!

There is nothing we take more seriously than saving you time and money, while also getting your clients the results they are looking for, so a countless number of hours go into planning, testing, and writing each block of programming!