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Program design for gyms and athletes

We are big believers in attention to detail and educating coaches as to “the why” behind our methods.

Proven System

A detailed system that is based off of science and practical knowledge that guarantees results, trusted by gyms all over the world.

Prevent Injuries

This system improves individual limitations, allowing athletes to identify and exploit their weak links.

Battle Tested

This system has been refined over the course of the last 10 years to satisfy all abilities while helping regular people reach super-human levels of fitness.

Easy Implementation

Full access to video library, training information and content, and multiple scaling options for all ability levels.


Plans provide constant variance, which limits adaptation and overtraining/overuse and maximizes results.

Consistent Progress

Athletes achieve steady progress in both strength, conditioning, and body composition using multiple modalities to get us there in a well-thought out plan.

What They Are Saying About Box Programming

Christian Thibadeau, World Renowned Strength Coach

Jason is an amazing source of training information. Not only is he a great coach, but he is an awesome person (of course, we are like twins separated at birth) He is one of the few people who I learn from. Heck he has even corrected me a few times, improving my own coaching and teaching! If I were switching to Crossfit, he would be the second person I turn to; I would first go see a psychologist, then straight to J for the best programing advice! He has so much to offer to anybody interested in strength, conditioning and performance that all strength coaches should try to learn as much as possible from him.

Matt Scott, CrossFit Amphill

“Personally, I now spend Sunday taking my kids to football instead of scratching my head, wondering which workouts to program the following week.”

Jeremy Reilly, CrossFit Chiltern

“Our members love the custom benchmarks, the field testing, the mix of work, and the fact that they can train as regularly as they like and still get amazing results.”

Dr. John Rusin, World-Renowned Strength Coach


“Jason Brown is on of the clearest thinking coaches and programmers in the industry. His programming is well rounded with elements of many different disciplines of fitness combined into one cohesive programming unit. It’s also some of the most effective training out there.”

Jason O'Bannon, Bolt CrossFit


Couldn’t be more pleased with Jason, his programming and all the knowledge that come a along with Box Programming!

Matt Kirkendall, Widespread CrossFit

“Jason Brown has a great amount of knowledge, insight and passion regarding programming, and it shows through his business.”

Joshua Brown, CrossFit Cataclysm

My people continued to make progress, the work is fun, and most of all it gave me back several hours a week to work on member retention/relations and all things the owner of a business should be doing to keep the doors open.”

Dee Ortiz, CrossFit Taino

“Jason has been a huge part of our business growing! I saw his link online and something told me just try it out, I have no regrets.”

Chris Cooper, Two Brain Business & Catalyst CrossFit

“A great service for anyone looking to shift their time to higher-value roles in their business. If your programming isn’t increasing your retention and making your clients HAPPY, you need Jason.”

Michelle George, Member of CrossFit 781

“I have noticed gain after gain in my olympic lifts, time being shaved from my daily Crossfit WODs, and amazing physical changes to my body. It impresses me how he scientifically and methodically thinks through every movement, and tailors it specifically for the individual.”

John Briggs, Incite Tax

“Save yourself time by using Box Programming. With the hours you free up, you can now invest your time into doing things that only YOU can do.”

EJ Shaver, Empire State CrossFit North

We’re in our first month of programming and all our members have had such positive feedback. It’s made such a difference in our day to day knowing that our programming is well thought out.”

Ken Hutchinson, CrossFit Dexter

“Jason’s knowledge and dedication really comes through daily. I have been hitting great numbers, having a ton of fun, and have been staying healthy.”

Joseph Morris, Olney CrossFit

“One of the best business decisions I have made. I used to spend 4+ hours a week programming for my gym and now I have that time to spend on other things.”

Shannan Gracia, Adamant CrossFit

“Our members love it and have been super successful this past year! We consistently see PR’s, even from our members who have been here for 5 years. The assistance and unilateral work also helps keep them injury-free.”

Ann Bishop, CrossFit Equality

“Best investment I’ve made as a box owner! Saves me valuable time. Athletes are improving. And Jason is extremely knowledgeable.”

Sam Brumenschenkel, CrossFit Port Orange

“Jason really knows his stuff, but he also understands how to keep clients engaged and focused on what matters. He communicates the ‘why’ clearly and I’ve learned a lot as a coach.”

Jamie Gallagher, CrossFit Burke

He will work with you on your gym culture, equipment constraints, and ensure your programming hits the mark”

Keith Zimmer, CrossFit Happy Valley

I converted after months of decision making. Box Programming encompasses everything that I will ever need in a program session plan, and he makes himself 100% available to each client and box.”

Larris Hutton, CrossFit Prelude

“I have already observed great increases in athletic ability, as well as a more focused understanding of our needs. Hands down Jason is a MUST SELECT when you are considering who to trust with programming.”

Jonathan Flight, CrossFit South Shore

Although I fancy myself good at programming, Jason is an expert. His passion for programming shows in his work as he fills in every single detail from the warmup to the very intentions of the day’s programming.”

About jason brown

My name is Jason Brown and I am Strength & Conditioning Specialist with 15 years of experience in the fitness industry.

Our system of programming is heavily influenced by Louie Simmons’ infamous Conjugate System. This system is based on scientific principles and as well as our own practical knowledge programming for the general population in a group setting.

This system targets clients limiting factors, is fun, and provides consistent progress without the inherent risk of overuse injury and overtraining.

Our programming includes all aspects of your class plan down to the minute including a whiteboard brief, training preparation drills, strength, skill and conditioning pieces, and accessory work all structured into balanced micro-cycles (weeks) of training.

Most importantly, this system effectively blends energy systems and strength work with a balance of volume/intensity to steer clear of burnout (overtraining) that invariably occurs when intensity is too high, too often.

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