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Are you overwhelmed with running your gym?

Too many gym owners are overwhelmed trying to manage with all the responsibilities required to run their business. Coaches feel out of the loop and aren’t executing efficiently. Class experiences are inconsistent and coach dependent, and clients are overtrained, getting injured, and leaving the gym. As a result, operators are working (and stressing) too many hours (nights, weekends)–and can’t enjoy their lives.

How will Box Programming help your business?

Successful gym owners have time to focus ON their business rather than just work in it. They have turn-key systems for programming, coach education, and helping clients reach their goals. Their clients are engaged, getting PRs, and having fun. Clients find the gym and coaches to be more credible because they know the ‘why’ behind the programming. And they’re able to take Sundays off and spend more time doing the things they love with the people they love.

How It Works

We provide you with everything you need to deliver lasting results for every client, every time.


Box Programming uses the concurrent model popularized by renowned strength coach Louie Simmons as the conjugate method. It has since been refined through the latest science to ensure proper distribution of intensity and movement patterns to concurrently improve all aspects of fitness.


You can only stress an organism so much. Too many CrossFit clients are chronically stressed from bad diets, sleep patterns, and lifestyles. Then they go to the gym and stress themselves more. Stress on stress has been scientifically proven to reduce performance. You don’t get better. You go backward, burn out, and stop going to the gym.  


Bad mechanics destroy results. And doing the same pattern of movement over and over again creates overuse injuries (as well as a lot of other problems). Box Programming works different planes of movement on a consistent basis, to avoid injuries while improving fitness in all areas.

Concurrent Periodization

The conjugate method develops all aspects of fitness simultaneously, so clients don’t lose one aspect (for example, strength) to develop another (such as conditioning). The method also solves the group fitness problem of people entering and leaving classes over time, because there is always a strong benefit for every person in every class.


When coaches don’t understand “the why” behind scientific program design, too often they lean on the “just push yourself harder” philosophy of training… which always ends in failing the client. We educate coaches on the method and design behind effective programming so they better understand how to lead their clients in successfully achieving their goals for life.

Lesson plans

Too many coaches teach classes flying by the seat of their pants. We make it easy for all coaches to deliver high-quality client experiences with cohesive lesson plans that tie everything together (regardless of who is coaching a specific class). This produces consistent client satisfaction and goal achievement to drive retention and results.

Proven Track Record of Success

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People train using our system on a daily basis.

How we’re different

Unlike other services that provide programming without any education behind the design, Box Programming delivers the only group program design certification to create competent coaches that can communicate the “why” behind the methods and deliver top-notch coaching.

Most services program for the best and then scale for the rest. We take the opposite approach and tailor the programming to your typical clients (your average Janes and Joes who have different needs and goals).

Our scientifically based system gives you a cohesive plan to guarantee better results, decrease injuries, and keep clients training at your gym for life.

2 Ways to Transform Your Fitness Business

There are two ways to transform your fitness business (and your clients’ lives): Get original, science-based Group Programming lesson plans delivered monthly, and become a certified Box Programming Coach so you can deliver top-notch results while communicating the “why” behind the methods.

Get Certified as a Strength & Conditioning Coach and Create
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Meet Successful Box Programming Clients

Box Programming program design and coach development programs will transform your business (and clients’ lives).  Here are some of our success stories.

‘Results They Get Should Be Impossible’
Ben Mattingly 
The Forge Gym
Cork, Ireland


‘Can’t Quantify Just The Helped’
John and Jane Doe 
Uplift Strength & Spirit
Washington, D.C.  USA


‘Results They Get Should Be Impossible’
The Forge Gym
Cork, Ireland


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