CrossFit, smarter.

We help CrossFit gyms deliver a killer class everyday by providing comprehensive lesson plans and coach education.

How It Works

We provide you with everything you need to deliver CrossFit, but smarter.

Step 1: Sign Up

Sign up on our Affiliate Program Design page and answer a few short questions about your gym.

Step 2: Get Access

Immediately get access to your personal dashboard, complete with our onboarding BP fundamentals course and our private Facebook group.

Step 3: WOD!

Because our system is turn-key, you can implement our programming in your gym immediately. Start training CrossFit, smarter.

Step 4: Educate Your Team

We are just as passionate about educating your coaches as we are the programming itself. We offer comprehensive training notes every day, WOD breakdown text messages delivered to your phone, and online courses.

We use science-backed principles to give you the safest, most effective programming available for your clients.

Program for the best, scale for the rest.

  • Random programming without rhyme or reason
  • Giving people workouts that don’t align with their abilities or goals
  • Prioritize movements that revolve around competition
  • Workouts that look good on paper but kill your clients
  • Thinking “more training” is better
  • Too much high-skill work
  • Injuries, overtraining
  • Clients leaving the gym

Program for the rest, scale for the best.

  • Strategic program design that balances movement patterns and intensity
  • Prioritize modalities that revolve around becoming better at life
  • Planned hard workouts
  • Less is more
  • Workouts that align with both abilities AND goals
  • Using low skill work to improve high skills
  • Encouraging and empowering clients
  • Fewer injuries, less overtraining
  • Clients being capable and motivated

Proven Track Record of Success

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People train using our system on a daily basis.
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How We're Different

Most services program for the best and then scale for the rest. We take the opposite approach and tailor the programming to your typical clients (your average Janes and Joes who have different needs and goals).

Our scientifically based system gives you a cohesive plan to guarantee better results, decrease injuries, and keep clients training at your gym for life.

CrossFit, but smarter which means we utilize all of the best tools NOT just the 9 “essential movements.” We squat, push, hip-hinge, lunge, row, and carry as well as a blend of classic CrossFit to keep everyone happy. Coupled with using strategies to improve compensation patterns and everyone wins!

Meet Successful Box Programming Clients

Box Programming program design and coach development programs will transform your business (and clients’ lives).  Here are some of our success stories.

‘Results They Get Should Be Impossible’
Ben Mattingly
The Forge Gym
Cork, Ireland


‘Can’t Quantify Just The Helped’
John and Jane Doe 
Uplift Strength & Spirit
Washington, D.C.  USA


‘Results They Get Should Be Impossible’
The Forge Gym
Cork, Ireland


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