Strategically Designed Conjugate CrossFit Programming
A 7 Week PDF of Conjugate CrossFit programming to move your clients closer to your goals. Each week contains 4 strength training sessions, 2 conditioning sessions, and 1 rest day. Each session blends strength, conditioning, bodybuilding, and every so often you want those challenging workouts to really test you.

Each 1hr session includes:

  • Whiteboard brief including training and technique tips
  • Videos Demonstrations of EVERY movement
  • Optimal Warm-Up & Recovery Methods
  • Strength and conditioning with 5 levels of scaling for clients who have never touched a barbell all the way up to advanced athletes
  • Accessory work to bring up lagging muscle groups and improve connective tissue strength
  • Cooldowns including stretching and breathwork


Bridging the gap between science and fitness!