BP Bootcamp


  • 8-Week, 6x a week 60 minute group bootcamp style programming.
  • Use of barbells is limited.
  • Included is all of your strength, conditioning, skill, and accessory pieces.
  • The class is planned for you in terms of time-layouts.
  • Recommendations on warm-ups are included, but there is not specific warm-ups written for each day as your coaches should access the ability of their group to determine the best possible warm-up to suit their needs.



Box Programming Bootcamp is designed to integrate clients into your facility that may not want to do CrossFit or may not be ready for CrossFit just yet. There is significantly less barbell work in this program with an emphasis on building your clients bases through unilateral strength work and low-skill GPP work. There is a balance between higher-threshold work and slow-steady aerobic work.

Overall, the emphasis is on helping your new clients improve their body-composition and increase their confidence. Many of these new clients will be able to transition to group classes after 8-weeks of this programming, but keep in mind there are some essential movements that are not covered so going through your on-ramp before starting group classes would be recommended.

After 8-weeks your athletes will be able to squat, press, hip-hinge, and understand how hard to push themselves with our conditioning work. There will be strategic conditioning benchmarks what will be retested to prove to your clients that they are progressing.


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