Outsourcing programming to an outsider


A common misconception among gym owners is thinking that their community is different from any other gym. Most gym owners think that only they know exactly what their athletes need. In the context of group programming, this simply is NOT the case.

People are people

Of course, we know that no two people are created the same, but we really aren’t trying to differentiate from one person to the next in this setting. We are trying to provide well-rounded programming so that, regardless of the days you choose to train, you’ll receive pieces that will help move you forward.

For the general population, most can agree that health and longevity take precedence, as we know that nearly 100% of people that walk through our doors want to look better and feel better. Later other goals start to pop up. People realize that being able to perform as well as they look is pretty damn cool too. This is what really allows us to show them how great our product is.

Change is a good thing!

Another fear gym owners have when it comes to outsourcing programming is that they’ll lose members. As humans, it’s easy to think people won’t like something or pushback on something new, but the flipside is that your folks may be very receptive.

They may love the change of pace, how they feel, and the results that are soon to follow. Our own neurosis of assuming the worst can be put to bed when people feel better, look better and smash PRs.

Sometimes change can be a great thing, and if you’re able to remove stress from your already stressful life by taking programming off of your plate, spend more time working on your business and more time with your family I’d say that’s a pretty good trade-off.

Equipment and Weather

Another fear for gym owners have is that it won’t work for their space, equipment, and weather constraints. The beauty with CrossFit boxes (and really what makes it possible for someone like me to program for other facilities) is that there is uniformity. For instance, we know that ALL boxes are going to have things like barbells, kettlebells, bumper plates, a pull-up rig, bands, plyo boxes ect. Where the main equipment issues lie is having enough rowers, air bikes, sleds, and great weather year-round to get outside when needed.

And for the gyms that are lucky enough to have a fleet of air bikes, sleds, and ski ergs, we still want to be able to use this equipment.

The solution: multiple options within the programming to accommodate for these limitations (or the inclusion of special equipment.) Options that will work with what we KNOW boxes have but still provide a similar training effect.

An easy example is a workout like:

5 RFT:
500m Row
15 Hang Power Cleans
30 Air Squats 

An alternate option will include running, an air bike, and a ski erg option.

What about special equipment?

Standard equipment found at any box is what you’ll need. The only piece of equipment that is outside of the “norm” is boxes that are below 15″ for box squats.

We’ve used Irrigation Boxes which are 14″ in height with great success. The good news is is that these boxes are very inexpensive (about $30) and have a variety of other uses.

Scaling Options

I saw a post recently about scaling options doing athletes a disservice. Scaling options are a means of managing your class and the stress of training. When it comes to ensuring your folks are receiving the proper training effect (which goes beyond just “going hard”), this is paramount to avoid the pitfalls of too much high-intensity work.

So rather than thinking about scaling options hindering peoples success, it’s a means of managing training stress and the efficiency of your classes.  This certainly shouldn’t do anyone a disservice and should actually facilitate a better training effect and later better results.

In the same token, higher-skill options built into the programming is important too to make sure the folks that are wanting more higher-skill development get what they need to be successful. We have a huge challenge of trying to create programming that does not make any feel like they are “left out.” We can do so with a variety of options for the most advanced and the most beginner clients.

What is included in my lesson plan?

EVERYTHING down to the actual minute. What does a typical day look like?

Each day will vary in terms of volume, intensity, and modality, but regardless of the day, you’re going to receive everything you need to execute great classes from your first class of the day until your last class of the day!


Explaining the “why” is important but in easy-to-understand terms. Your members don’t want to be overloaded with information, but they need to know you and your coaches are competent.

We are going to provide you with all of the content, weekly, and monthly breakdowns to make sure you’re always in the know as well as access to a private Facebook group where videos and content are uploaded daily! In addition, we are here for support to make things run as smoothly as possible.

Coming in June we are offering a one-of-a-kind group program design certification course that will attempt to bridge the gap between science, strength, and conditioning – BP clients will receive special access to this course.

Your clients need to have fun!

If you fail to think outside the box your clients will likely become disenchanted and find somewhere else to train. Novelty is why so many people are drawn to CrossFit, NOT doing boring linear cycles of work. Being innovative and constantly looking for ways to improve should be important for any coach. If your clients are bored they’ll invariably drop their membership.

Outsourcing your programming to a professional will allow you to run a better box by affording you the time to focus on what it’s going to take to get your box to the next level. More importantly, having time with your family and NOT spending your Sunday’s on your computer. The end result is you’ll be happier, your clients will be happier, and you’ll have one less thing to worry about!

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