The Leading CrossFit Group Programming Design Service for Transforming Clients’ Lives

Box Programming Group Program Design

  • Differentiate your CrossFit box
  • Leaner, Stronger, Better Conditioned Clients
  • Safer Programming For All
  • Consistent Results Across Classes
  • Consistent Results Across Coaches
  • Build Clients for Life
  • Coach Education
  • Fundamentals Course
Group Program Design

The Goal:
Transform Clients’ Lives


Program Length:
Ongoing subscription delivered monthly


Program Format:

What is it?

Box Programming Group Program Design is a turnkey, all-encompassing strength, conditioning, body composition, and exercise-science-based group programming design subscription service. It safely increases all aspects of fitness at the same time and create clients for life.

Who is it for?

CrossFit owners, coaches, personal trainers, strength and conditioning coaches who don’t have the time, education, and/or confidence to write effective programming that gets results (and many don’t like it anyway!)

Where does it happen?

The Box Programming Group Program Design is offered online and includes everything you need for you and your coaches to execute the programming in group classes.

How does it work?

Box Programming Group Program Design is an ongoing, monthly subscription service. We send you one month’s worth of programming. You take the programming plans and you/your coaches execute them with your clients.

When does it start?

The Box Programming Group Program Design subscription service begins as soon as you enroll. You’ll get instant access and can begin implementing right away.

Why does it exist?

Because there’s a huge gap in the fitness industry between strength/conditioning coaches and CrossFit. Clients are not being served well enough, and neither are CrossFit boxes. And that’s unnecessary, because with the right programming, clients and businesses can thrive.

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