The Value of Practical Knowledge

“If you won’t do your own program, then it probably sucks.” –¬†Anonymous In this day and age, entering the fitness industry is relatively easy. Within a few weeks time, you can be training other people, if you so choose. In a few months time, you can essentially open your own CrossFit box, assuming you have … Read more

Coaching Psychology

Many of us have been in the situation of coaching a client when the thought crosses our minds as to whether or not the coaching cues we are using to improve the quality of someone’s movement are going to be perceived negatively. Let me explain: We use the Dynamic Effort Method in a group setting … Read more

Comparing yourself to others

Being able to measure your progress is an important aspect of your training to make sure that your hard work is paying off. Most serious athletes keep track of every metric that measures strength and conditioning. In fact, this is arguably as valuable as the actual training itself, as if we aren’t aware of our … Read more

Your Former Self

It’s very easy to think about how things once were; how you “used to be strong” or “used to be in shape”. Oftentimes we say things like, “when I was younger I could deadlift a house, and I had abs of steel”. If you’re in your 30s or older, you probably know what I’m talking … Read more