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Box Programming provides gym owners with everything they need to run an efficient class every single day of the week. Our daily lesson plans include warmups, strength or skill work, metcons, cooldowns, coaches briefs and athletes’ briefs to help your coaches relay the WHY for the day. We believe that educated coaches are key to success with programming and aim to support them in any way we can. Our system of program is built on the most powerful system of training known to man – the Conjugate Method.

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Each day you’ll find two groups of notes: “What the coach needs to know”, and “What the client needs to know.” Here we give both the science behind the programming as well as the layman’s explanation. This is how we build value in the programming.
Warmups are comprehensive and prepare your clients for the training of the day, all linked to movement videos.
Each day includes strength or skillwork, all linked to movement videos.
Each day you’ll find a metcon with a specific intent and several levels of scaling. We also include the last time the workout was performed when available.
Each day includes some extra credit work [usually unilateral] to help clients work on individual weaknesses, all linked to movement videos.
Our daily cooldowns are intended to get your clients into a parasympathetic state before leaving your gym so that the recovery process is started. All movements are linked to videos.
Jacob Hill, CF Rep
“My clients are so much better served with Jason writing the programming fulltime.”
Will Satori, Beyond Movement
“BP is an intelligently programmed combination of CrossFit and strength and conditioning.”
Mindy Houser, CF Matoon
“I went from pressured from trying to do it all to focusing ON my business.”
Sophia Phifer, CF Tipton
“I went from stressed out to confident about programming with happy clients.”


  • A monthly programming calendar in your backend
  • A daily 60-minute lesson plan that includes all aspects of your class, such as the whiteboard brief, warm-up/mobility, strength or skill, conditioning, and extra-credit work; coach and athlete notes
  • Educational On-boarding Course: give your coaches all of the tools to understand and execute our programming with a 16 video module course.
  • Extra stream of programming, Body Comp: extra functional bodybuilding for your clients to build muscle and bulletproof specific areas of the body
  • Extra stream of programming, Capacity: extra work to help your clients improve conditioning and shred body fat
  • Extra stream of programming, Quarantine: minimal equipment stream of programming built on functional body-building and aerobic development. Can be done from the comfort of your clients' own home.
  • Videos detailing each movement that are linked throughout the programming
  • A monthly breakdown reviewing what's coming and when we last tested specific key performance indicators
  • A blend of strength, conditioning, and accessory work using the most powerful method in the world the Conjugate Method.
  • An emphasis on low-skill strength and conditioning measures, with plenty of recovery built in.
  • Integration with BTWB: at sign-up all you need to do is enter your BTWB gym ID.

All the best of CrossFit combined with Conjugate!

Our motto, “CrossFit, smarter”

We program for the rest, and scale for the best at Box Programming. Our goal is to keep your clients training with you for years not months. When you subscribe to our service you will receive access to our private Facebook group for our gym owners and coaches, you’ll receive our Affiliate Success Program that guides you through implementing our programming, and you’ll have access to our team at any time to answer questions you may have. When you join Box Programming, you join a community of coaches dedicated to delivering the best in CrossFit programming to their clients.

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