Jason is an amazing source of training information. Not only is he a great coach, but he is an awesome person (of course, we are like twins separated at birth) He is one of the few people who I learn from. Heck he has even corrected me a few times, improving my own coaching and teaching! If I were switching to CrossFit, he would be the second person I turn to; I would first go see a psychologist, then straight to J for the best programing advice! He has so much to offer to anybody interested in strength, conditioning and performance that all strength coaches should try to learn as much as possible from him.

Christian Thibadeau

World Reknown Strength Coach, thibarmy.com

Jason Brown is on of the clearest thinking coaches and programmers in the industry. His programming is not only well rounded with elements of many different disciplines of fitness combined into one cohesive programming unit, but it’s also some of the most effective training out there. I recommend Jason’s programming to any box style gym or facility without question. You’d be in excellent hands with some of the best programming and workouts in the industry.

Dr. John Rusin


I’ve been working with Jason since our opening day June 2016. His programming and system of delivery have always been excellent.

Box programming seems to be constantly evolving and improving by adding new and interesting ways to train, which just keeps surprising myself and my athletes. The programming has a great structure and most importantly shows amazing results not just in people achieving PRs but also in retention.

We’ve had athletes from boxes all over the world train with us and a common comment amongst them is how much they enjoyed the programming. Our members love the custom benchmarks, the field testing, the mix of work, and the fact that they can train as regularly as they like and still get amazing results.

If you’re wasting 2 hours a week doing programming then you need to save yourself time and use a company that will do the job better than you, cheaper than you can do it (if you put a $/£ value on your own time) and keep your training fresh rather than stuck in the random programming cycle I see at a lot of boxes. Pull the f**cking trigger and make a change. You and your members will thank you.

Jeremy Reilly

CrossFit Chiltern

We became part of the BP family just after the Open in 2016. 12 months later, Mr. Castro gave us 17.4. A repeat from the year before.

I honestly had members that could finish the 55 deadlifts that were previously doing handstand push ups. My members are sold and can’t recommend (or thank) Jason and his team enough.

Personally, I now spend Sunday taking my kids to football instead of scratching my head, wondering which workouts to program the following week. Box Programming not only programs the workouts, they explain ‘WHY’ you are doing it. This has given me and my coaches an on going education you wouldn’t get at a weekend seminar, giving us a unique authenticity as a professional training establishment.

Matt Scott

CrossFit Amphill

I began working with Jason May of 2016. I was losing a coach to a military move and my work load was pretty demanding.

I came across BP through the Two Brain Business group I was in, and decided to reach out. As an affiliate owner there is a certain pride you take in doing your own programming, so taking that first call was tough, and I was a skeptic. But I knew I had to free up some time to do more of the business operating task, so I remember telling him I would commit for 3 months and see how it went.

Well a year and a half later I couldn’t be happier. Jason does a phenomenal job working with us. If you have questions he is on top of it. My people continued to make progress, the work is fun, and most of all it gave me back several hours a week to work on member retention/relations and all things the owner of a business should be doing to keep the doors open. Make the phone call, give it a shot. You will NOT be upset you did.

Joshua Brown

CrossFit Cataclysm

Jason has been a huge part of our business growing! I saw his link online and something told me just try it out, I have no regrets. Box Programming has been amazing and I have seen many improvements with our members and myself it’s incredible!! I would recommend any box owner or individual athlete who has no time or even no idea how to program to definitely work with Box Programming!

Dee Ortiz

CrossFit Taino

There are a lot of reviews written from the perspective of affiliate owners. I wanted to share my own experience, as an individual, as I have been working with Jason Brown for almost 4 years now. I am a member of his Crossfit box. However, for the past year he has specifically written a strength and conditioning program every month for myself and my training partner.

His programming is not only fun, but it’s extremely effective. I have noticed gain after gain in my olympic lifts, time being shaved from my daily Crossfit WODs, and amazing physical changes to my body. It impresses me how he scientifically and methodically thinks through every movement, and tailors it specifically for the individual. I would recommend him to anyone, and I have!

Michelle George

Member of CrossFit 781

We deal with a lot of affiliate owners and I can tell you there are tons of owners out there wasting their time doing their own programming. There is data that shows that most members of your gym are not coming because of the programming. They are coming because they want to be told what to do, get a sweat on, and feel good about themselves.

So save yourself time by using Box Programming. With the hours you free up, you can now invest your time into things that ONLY you can do. Programming is not one of those. Let Box Programming handle it.

John Briggs

Incite Tax

We’re in our first month of programming and all our members have had such positive feedback. It’s made such a difference in our day to day knowing that our programming is well thought out. Highly recommend to anyone.

I was nervous at first but am convinced this was a good move for our facility! On a side note, Jason and Jenna are super responsive. Can’t speak any more higher praise about customer service. Jenna is quick and very attentive to any inquiries we had. Thanks again! Can’t wait to see our members progress!

EJ Shaver

Empire State CrossFit North

I’ve working with Box Programming for a while now, and I love it! Jason’s knowledge and dedication really comes through daily. I have been hitting great numbers, having a ton of fun, and have been staying healthy! Jason’s customer service is outstanding and I’d trust him with my programming any day.

Ken Hutchinson

CrossFit Dexter

Signing up with Box Programming has been one of the best business decisions I have made. I used to spend 4+ hours a week programming for my gym and now I have that time to spend on other things.

My athletes are having a great time with the change in direction and their numbers are going up every month. Jason Brown and his staff are true professionals who are dedicated to their customers success. I will be using these guys for a very long time.

Joseph Morris

Olney CrossFit

We have been with Box Programming for over a year now and it has been amazing for our gym. It has given me some time back to devote to other parts of my business.

Our members love it and have been super successful this past year! We consistently see PR’s, even from our members who have been here for 5 years. The assistance and unilateral work also helps keep them injury-free. Jason is awesome and has always been more extremely helpful. Definitely a great decision for us!

Shannan Gracia

Adamant CrossFit

One of the best decisions we’ve made as affiliate owners. I’ve been doing CrossFit for 5 years and I’ve never felt or performed stronger after 4 months.

Jason really knows his stuff, but he also understands how to keep clients engaged and focused on what matters. He communicates the ‘why’ clearly and I’ve learned a lot as a coach. Our clients love Box Programming!

Sam Brumenschenkel

CrossFit Port Orange

I own CrossFit Burke in Fairfax County, Virginia. We have been using Box Programming for three months now and I can say without question it is one of the best decisions I have made as a gym owner!

Jason Brown’s programming is thoughtful, meticulous, and most importantly effective for ability levels! My athletes routinely have stated they love the switch to Box Programming. If you are a gym owner looking to delegate programming to a pro, look no further than Jason Brown! He will work with you on your gym culture, equipment constraints, and ensure your programming hits the mark. If any gym owners want to discuss how Box Programming has helped my gym to continue to thrive just PM me! Thanks, Jason!

Jamie Gallagher

CrossFit Burke

I own a pretty good size gym in Portland Oregon, 10,000 square feet of CrossFit heaven. In the past I spent countless hours programming and changing WODs, class structure, jumping from cycle to cycle not knowing exactly how to meet the needs of all my clients. We even tried other programs and companies that do custom box programming. We were with a very popular program before working with Jason at Box Programming, and we were 80% happy.

I kinda always had a feeling we were missing something, just that extra attention to detail. So when I heard about what Jason was doing, I was curious but I also rolled my eyes. Just another program I thought. But he kept popping up, he was gaining momentum, getting popular. So I started watching the boxes he worked with and I got in touch with Jason himself.

Obviously I converted, after months of decision making. Box Programming encompasses everything that I will ever need in a program session plan, and he makes himself 100% available to each client and box. I couldn’t be happier, we are BOX HAPPY for life in Portland. Great stuff Jason, thank you

Keith Zimmer

CrossFit Happy Valley

Jason Brown and his staff at Box Programming have created an exceptional product that is simply not matched by anyone else. As an affiliate owner, I value the time I have to provide services not only to my members, but also the time I have to grow my business.

Jason provides point to point contact and support not only to the affiliate owner, but also the individual athletes he trains. As an affiliate owner, I completely understand the apprehension with “giving up programming.” However, as a practical matter, the hours you spend programming are better utilized growing your business, focusing on client retention, and building a healthier relationship with members and staff.

Beyond words, Jason’s programming is top notch. I have already observed great increases in athletic ability, as well as a more focused understanding of our needs. Hands down Jason is a MUST SELECT when you are considering who to trust with programming. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Larris Hutton

CrossFit Prelude

I met Jason a few years back when he attended “Barbells for Boobs” at CrossFit South Shore. Over the years we have seen each other at many CrossFit events and I came to respect that he is a very genuine man.

At one competition I asked him about the conjugate method which he was implementing at his box. We got to talking and I remember him being very passionate and confident that it was the best methodology out there. I asked Jason if he had any interest in consulting and he mentioned his new venture Box Programming.

I was a little hesitant to give up programming when I first spoke to Jason. He was completely supportive regardless of whether I chose to continue on my own or begin using Box Programming. As a sole owner wearing many hats it only made sense to create more time while offering high quality programming.

Although I fancy myself good at programming, Jason is an expert. His passion for programming shows in his work as he fills in every single detail from the warmup to the very intentions of the day’s programming. After hiring Jason I cannot tell you how happy I am with the product, the extra time that I have, and the newfound interest in a different style of training. Our members have been thrilled with the programming! There have been many PRs and breakthroughs. I can’t wait to see what the future holds but I know that Box Programming is here to stay!

Jonathan Flight

CrossFit South Shore