a smarter approach to crossfit to build strength, conditioning, & resiliency.

If you’re an experienced CrossFitter looking to improve in every area at the Sport of Fitness and are tired of killing yourself in the process, keep reading.

You know the drill: you wake up in the morning feeling beat up from yesterday’s training session, but what you have on the schedule for today’s programming is another “balls-to-the-wall” beatdown. Your coach says, “Being mentally tough and pushing through when your body tells you “no” is part of the game.”

Sure, there is some truth to that.

But adding stress on top of stress is a one-way ticket to burnout – you’ll either lose motivation or get injured.

Or both.

Instead, a better recipe for long-term success in managing stress with a plan that builds in recovery. A plan that knows the difference between “balls to the wall” and “sustainable.” A plan that capitalizes on your strengths and strategically builds your weaknesses.

The low-hanging fruit is the SMALL stuff – optimizing things like your warm-up and cooldown sequence. And building the base of all fitness – STRENGTH.

The end result is a more complete ATHLETE, but most importantly an athlete that’s motivated. It’s hard to be motivated when you’re chronically fatigued. This where understanding the connection between science and fitness is crucial.

The days of random WODs and simply “going hard” have let you down.

It’s time to be smarter and it’s time to start thinking about your future.


Founder of Box Programming & BP Training Systems. My background has allowed me to see the value in all forms of training. My education started in 2004 in the Strength & Conditioning realm where I learned about the Conjugate Method extensively to trying my first CrossFit workout in 2006 (it was the Filthy Fifty) which brought me to learn more about energy systems development. Currently, I hold a Masters of Science Degree in Exercise Physiology, I’m one of the few Certified Special Strengths Coaches via Westside Barbell, as well as Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) via the NSCA.

Over the past 15 years, I’ve learned to blend my knowledge of Conjugate, CrossFit, conditioning, and strength training, and boil them down to a few key principles that build the foundation for Rx Athlete. This program is perfect for individuals that are focused on improving their skills in CrossFit without feeling rundown or broken. This program really is a unique blend of what it takes to become a better CrossFitter while actually improving longevity. There are certain non-negotiable items that are a must in any program and unfortunately, many of the popular Competitive CrossFit plans negate these principles. This is where our plan differs, CrossFit done smarter utilizing the BEST elements of CrossFit, Strength, Conditioning, and Skill work!


We are so confident that this will be hands-down the best you’ve ever felt training, while simultaneously hitting PRs, I’m offering a 30 day, 100% money back guarantee.

The guarantee is simple: if you track your workouts for 30 days and are unhappy with the program or the results, we’ll give you every cent of your money back – guaranteed.

You WILL get as much out of this program as you put into it. I promise, if you follow the program, you’re going to blow yourself away. It’s worked for hundreds of people, so I know it can work for you too.

RX ATHLETE 9-week program




A seasoned CrossFitter (at least 2+ years of experience) that is proficient with Olympic Lifting & High-Skill Gymnastics. This program is not for beginner to intermediate CrossFit athletes.
Between 60-90 minutes.

Standard equipment found at any CF Box. In addition to the standard equipment, sled pulls & pushes are performed regularly.

You don’t need to be a games or regional level athlete, but you do need to be proficient with higher volume gymnastics and barbell work.
There are a total of 7 training sessions a week. There are 4 strength and/or conditioning days, 2 aerobic days, and 1 recovery-based training session. We do include “strength only” training sessions quite regularly.
  • BP Training Systems was founded by Jason Brown, a former combat veteran and gym owner.
  • Jason has a Masters of Science degree in Exercise Physiology, is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through (CSCS) and has a long list of high-level credentials making him one of the most sought after experts in strength and conditioning development.
  • Jason was one of the pioneers to start delivering online programming to CrossFit gym owners. Jason started programming for others “online” as early as 2004 and currently has more than 30,000 individuals using his programming on a daily basis!

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