Individual Programming

  • For Competitive CrossFit athlete
  • Includes warm-ups, strength/skill, conditioning, accessory, and cooldown pieces linked to videos
  • Sessions last between 60-75 minutes
  • Monthly subscription – $99/month
  • BP Individual (BPI) Strength & Conditioning
  • 4 strength days & 3 conditioning days as well as additional recovery work
  • Programming includes warm-ups, cooldowns, and linked videos
  • Monthly subscription – $99/month
  • 100% custom programming tailored toward your needs, goals, equipment, and personality
  • 3-month commitment
  • Comprehensive video interview & application required before starting
  • Limited spots available – Contact us to apply
  • 12-week conjugate strength & conditioning program
  • Warm-ups, cooldowns, and training notes included
  • Delivered on a PDF with video links embedded
  • $99/one time purchase
  • 6-Week Program consisting of 2 sessions a week
  • Sessions take between 30-45 minutes to complete
  • Downloadable PDF with embedded videos
  • $49/one-time purchase

Gym Programming

  • All-encompassing including the best tenets of strength & conditioning and Classic CrossFit
  • Includes warm-ups, strength, skill, conditioning, accessory pieces
  • Coaches notes & coach education video module course
  • Integrated with WODify, SugarWOD & BTWB
  • $249/month
  • 5-weeks in length including 5-6 video modules per week
  • Includes hundreds of training and demonstration videos, instructional images, PDF templates, handouts, study guides, tools, and worksheets.
  • Whiteboard lessons of actual program design
  • $699/one-time purchase
  • For the beginner to intermediate clients
  • 15, 60-minute sessions with a complete breakdown of warm-ups, teaching, strength, accessory, conditioning, and recovery measures.
  • Delivered via a PDF with embedded videos
  • $99/one-time purchase
  • BP Bootcamp is designed to integrate clients into your facility
  • Less barbell work in this program with an emphasis on building your clients’ bases
  • Delivered via a PDF with embedded videos
  • $99/one-time purchase


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