BP for CrossFit Boxes & Coaches

Box Programming Affiliate Program Design is a turn-key, all-encompassing strength, conditioning, body composition, and exercise-science-based group programming design subscription service. APD safely increases all aspects of fitness simultaneously and creates clients for life.
The Box Programming Coach Certification course is offered online and consists of all the in-depth educational content you’ll need, including hundreds of training and demonstration videos, instructional images, PDF templates, handouts, study guides, tools, and worksheets.

BP for athletes

Conjugate Strength & Conditioning is perfect for the experienced trainee that knows how to squat, bench, and deadlift. Someone that’s been in the trenches for at least a few years and may have dabbled with the Conjugate Method. These same trainees may have a few nagging injuries and are ready to start making progress again while being able to have a great quality of life outside of the gym.
The Pull-Up Specialty Plan can be used as a specialty program for your clients at your box OR this can be used individually as a supplemental upper-body routine. Whether you’re trying to get a strict pull-up, bulletproof your shoulders, or get jacked this plan will take you there in a short period of time! Easy to follow plan linked to videos includes everything you need to be successful.
This training is geared toward Competitive CrossFit athletes looking to take their game to the next level, but with a smarter approach. Athletes must already be proficient with high-skill gymnastics and Olympic lifting variations – you don’t need to be a games athlete but must have a baseline level of proficiency with foundational patterns. Includes warm-ups, strength, conditioning, accessory, and cooldown pieces. Programming is delivered via the TrueCoach app in 4-week increments.