Conjugate Strength


  • 12 weeks of programming, 4x a week + two bonus sessions per week.
  • This programming is specifically geared toward an individual that is looking to develop strength and power. There is extra conditioning work in the form of sled-work, loaded carries and barbell complexes, but the overall intent is to build strength/power. This is NOT a group class program but can be used with individual personal training clients.
  • Can be done at any commercial gym with basic equipment.
  • Training sessions last no longer than 60 minutes.
  • All programmed movements are linked in the programming to videos
  • Expect to see results in six weeks or less!
  • Downloadable PDF



Conjugate Strength programming is geared at improving maximal strength and power development as well as improving lagging muscle-groups. There is an emphasis on hypertrophy work so expect to see gains in lean body mass. This programming is perfect for those looking for well-rounded fitness whether you’re a CrossFitter, Powerlifter, Olympic Lifter or just an athlete that’s been in the trenches and has hit a plateau.

This programming use of Olympic lifting variations is limited.

There is extra “GPP” and “Barbell Complex” work for those looking to supplement training in between their main sessions.

This programming differs from “Conjugate Size + Strength” as there is more emphasis on GPP in between sessions.


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