Conjugate Size + Strength


  • Individuals with at least 2 years of experience that know their way around the barbell, ie. squat, bench, deadlift, push press.
  • Athletes including Football Players, Hockey Players, and Track + Field
  • Physique Athletes that are in need of increases in maximal strength
  • Athletes that may be stuck at a current plateau
  • CrossFitters
  • Powerlifters
  • Olympic Lifters
  • Anyone that wants to look better in their bathing suit



This programming while similar to our “Conjugate Strength” plan with more emphasis on hypertrophy work with the addition of lower and upper-body “feeder” workouts in between main training sessions. While general physical preparedness (GPP) work is included, there is less of this work to allow for more time under tension and development of lagging muscle-groups. This plan is perfect for someone that wants to increase lean-body mass while improving maximal strength. This concurrent training structure is a proven method of working multiple modalities of fitness and not losing the benefits of each area of focus. Individuals that purchase this program should be comparable in the gym and have proficiency of compound movements. There is no special equipment required to perform this program and for days there are suggestions when things like bands and chains are suggested.

What to expect:

  • 6 Sessions a week/8 Weeks
  • Built-in activation and workout preparation
  • Active Recovery Work
  • Additional Feeder workouts to between main sessions
  • Increases in lean body mass
  • Increases in maximal strength and power development
  • A better version of you


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