Competitor Programming

$62.00 / month

  • This training is geared toward Competitive CrossFit athletes looking to take their game to the next level
  • Athletes must already be proficient with high-skill gymnastics and Olympic lifting variations and able to work on their own
  • Includes a private Facebook group that provides feedback on lifts and answering any questions to make it easier for you and your coaches
  • Training sessions last between 75-90 minutes and can be split into two sessions
  • This programming is NOT for novice athletes
  • Programming is delivered weekly via “Competitor Training” under “My account”.
  • Great for athletes that are focused on Competing in CrossFit and currently in the Top 500 (or better) in their respective region.
  • We recommend being subscribed to “Affiliate Programming” for at least 8 weeks before adding this option.



It’s recommended that you run at least 8-weeks of our Affiliate Programming before considering signing up for this programming. Your athletes that use this programming should be able to “Rx” 100% of the Affiliate programming and be comfortable working on their own. This programming is specifically geared at helping athletes become better CrossFitters.¬†This programming is aligned with Affiliate Programming in terms of the template so your competitive athletes will get chances to train with your community, but there training load is significantly higher and will require a larger time commitment. It’s not required that you’re subscribed to Affiliate Programming to purchase this, but it is highly recommended in terms of being familiar with our methods.


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