9-Week BP Individual Plan

9-Week One-time purchase training to plan to preview what the programming for BPI is like!

  • Comprehensive Warm-ups & Cooldowns – prepare for the session and improve movement quality & expedite recovery
  • Strength Pieces – A rotation of strength and accessory
  • Conditioning – Focused conditioning to shred body-fat and improve recovery.
  • Session Length – Sessions last 60 minutes
  • Program Length – 9 Weeks
  • How many sessions – 5 Main Training Sessions a week with 2 Recovery based aerobic sessions for a total of 7 sessions.
  • No special equipment required – Can be performed in a garage gym or a box.
  • Experience Required – This program is NOT for beginners – you should know how to squat, bench, and deadlift and be comfortable hitting a max.
  • One time purchase – Instant access to your program
  • Other programs: If you’ve done Conjugate S/C this program is a nice follow-up to and has many similarities
  • Program note: This program is similar to BPI and meant to give you a preview of what the programming looks like as it’s geared heavily at improving strength, body composition, and conditioning.


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