Barbell Club


  • Perfect athletes looking to gain strength and lean muscle mass. This programming is 3/60:00 sessions a week
  • This programming is geared toward powerlifting and bodybuilding.
  • 1-2 Main Lifts
  • 3-5 Assistance exercises
  • “Finisher” Work
  • BP Barbell Club is delivered in a 6-week PDF
  • (2) Separate 6-week blocks of training each available for purchase upon check-out

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At least a few times a year there comes a time when your athletes simply want to take a break from “breathing”. This is the perfect time to offer a specialty group like a Barbell Club.

The Barbell Club programming focuses on improving the big-three lifts (squat, bench, and deadlift) as well as the primary movers associated with bringing up each of those lifts up.

This programming does NOT use the Olympic lifts. The template for this programming aligns with our Affiliate Programming assuming Barbell classes are run on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Your athletes could attend classes on alternate days if they choose, but there is a considerable increase in accessory work volume so it’s like your athletes will be pretty sore for at least the first two weeks.

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