Special Exercise Programming

  • This programming is intended to be an add-on to our current training plan
  • Sessions are 20 minutes in length and are designated “upper,” “lower,” “total body,” and GPP focused sessions
  • Improve your lagging muscle-groups to bring up other areas of your fitness
  • Enhance your recovery
  • Rehab a nagging injury and prevent future injuries
  • 2-4 Sessions a week can be added to your current training
  • 24 Total sessions in a downloadable PDF



We all have muscular imbalance, there is no way around it and we are only as strong as our weakest link. The solution: dedicated special exercise work to bring up our lagging muscle-groups. This must be done with single-joint movements.

This program is geared at being done with your current training regiment as sessions are concise and low-demand. Each week comes with 3 dedicated accessory sessions and 1 GPP session, with 24 total sessions. The days are broken down into lower-emphasis, upper-emphasis, total-body emphasis, and GPP.

Additionally, you can complete as many sessions a week as you’re comfortable with and space the program out for a longer duration if choose.

If you love your current training regime but want to strategically include extra work that is going to get your closer to your goals, this is the program for you!


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Brian Alexander

I have been working with Box Programming for well over 2 years now and it has been one of the best decisions for my business. Our members have been consistently PRing and have far less injuries and aches and pains.

Since we started with Box Programming, I have more time to spend with my family and my coaches can focus on delivering world class coaching and the happiest hour of everyone’s day!

If you want to take care of your members and yourself, this is the solution.

Brian Alexander
Box Owner & Business Coach

Christian Thibadeau

Jason is an amazing source of training information. Not only is he a great coach, but he is an awesome person (of course, we are like twins separated at birth) He is one of the few people who I learn from. Heck he has even corrected me a few times, improving my own coaching and teaching! If I were switching to CrossFit, he would be the second person I turn to; I would first go see a psychologist, then straight to J for the best programing advice! He has so much to offer to anybody interested in strength, conditioning and performance that all strength coaches should try to learn as much as possible from him.

Dr. John Rusin

Jason Brown is on of the clearest thinking coaches and programmers in the industry. His programming is not only well rounded with elements of many different disciplines of fitness combined into one cohesive programming unit, but it’s also some of the most effective training out there. I recommend Jason’s programming to any box style gym or facility without question. You’d be in excellent hands with some of the best programming and workouts in the industry.

Dr. John Rusin