9-Week Rx Athlete

  • Comprehensive Warm-ups – these include soft-tissue work, correctives, activation, movement pattern development, and nervous system prep.
  • Strength Pieces – a rotation of max-effort, submaximal effort, and dynamic effort training to improve maximal strength. 
  • Assistance Exercises – a bi-weekly rotation of variations to improve muscle function and symmetry 
  • Conditioning – Geared specifically toward the sport of fitness to improve local endurance with high-skill movements, aerobic capacity/recovery, and ability to go from aerobic to anaerobic events efficiently. 
  • Finishers – A combination of assistance work in metabolic stress setting to ramp up your metabolism and illicit a huge muscle pump
  • Cooldowns – Start the recovery process before leaving the gym with 3-4 minutes of strategic cooldown work to bring you down from a hard training session
  • Session Length: Sessions last between 60-75 minutes
  • How many sessions? 5 Main Training Sessions a week with 2 Recovery based aerobic sessions for a total of 7 sessions – we believe that recovery is done actively. 
  • Video demos – Most movements are linked to videos in your program for easy access and review during your training session
  • Training Notes – Strength and conditioning pieces will give you specific goals and intent so you’re always in the “know” when it comes to your training.
  • No special equipment required – can be performed in a garage gym or a box


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