6-Week Get Lean Program


  • 6-week, non-barbell program that gym owners can offer to the general public for group classes
  • The program is based on providing athletes of all levels with high-intensity interval circuits with low skill and bodyweight movements.
  • This class runs 3x a week in which there are 60 minutes of planned training for the day.
  • There are two options available at check-out. “Block 2” is available for those that have already run “Block 1”. Each block is 6-weeks in length.
  • Downloadable PDF

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The “Get Lean Program” is a 3x a week program intended to be run with group classes. This programming is perfect for those that may not be ready for functional fitness yet and simply want to have fun training that is geared at improving fitness and body composition. Sessions are 60 minutes and slower-paced than a typical CrossFit class. Your clients will be challenged, but at a level that will keep them progressing and feeling confident to take on new challenges.

This programming utilizes basic equipment found at any CrossFit Box. This programming does not include warm-ups to give coaches the freedom to inject their own personality into their classes. The programming is relatively low-skill so only general warm-ups are recommended.

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