Why is Box Programming a great investment for your affiliate?

  • Developed by Louie Simmons, Conjugated Programming has been used by the strongest athletes in the world since the early 80s. This system works in all levels not just powerlifters
  • Jason Brown has been programming using The Conjugate System as the basis of his programming since 2004!
  • It also blends incredibly well with a 1-hour class model and CrossFit.
  • Affiliate owners wear many hats and by outsourcing your programming you can focus on working on your business not just in it!
  • During the past five years Box Programming has been tested and refined at Jason Brown’s affiliate!
  • The programming lends itself to balance and helps your members become not only strong as you know what… but bulletproof!

BP Strength Program

  • Individuals of all abilties looking to get stronger, improve body composition, and stay healthy. 
  • Can be done at any commercial gym with basic equipment.
  • Training sessions last no longer than 60 minutes.
  • All programmed movements are available in our video library
  • This program comes with 4 training sessions a week with an additional 2 “bonus” conditioning and GPP sessions. 
  • Except to results in 6 weeks or less!
  • Comparable to Individual Programming for a fraction of the price 
  • This program is a one-time fee, non-subscription item

Competitor Training Blog

  • This training is geared toward Competitive CrossFit athletes looking to take their game to the next level
  • Athletes must already be proficient with high-skill gymnastics and olympic lifting variations and able to work on their own
  • Includes private Facebook group that provides feedback on lifts and answering of relevant questions 
  • Training sessions last between 75-90 minutes and can be split into two sessions
  • This programming is not for novice athletes
  • Programming delivered weekly. 
  • If you’re already a BP Client you will receive a 15% discount on this service. 


  • 5, one on one 30 Minutes Sessions
  • An efficient timeline that progresses people and prepares them for group classes
  • An effective method of converting athletes to one on one clients
  • How to Navigate a CrossFit class and feel comfortable
  • Teaching tool for your coaches to learn how each athlete moves and what their limitations are
  • Complete confidence that your new athletes will be able to enter group classes with the knowledge and confidence they need to excel!
  • This can also be purchased in a 6-week, 3x a week group format. Email us first if you’d to purchase this option. 


  • Programming tailored to teaching our young athletes to move efficiently and safely.
  • Features: 12-17; 2-3/45-60:00 Sessions a week
  • Programming is delivered in 4-weeks blocks
  • If you’re already a BP client you’ll receive a 15% discount on this service


  • Barbell Club is perfect athletes looking to gain strength and lean muscle-mass. This programming is 3/60:00 sessions a week and coincides with BP’s Conjugate Template.
  • 60:00 Complete Class Plan
  • 1-2 Main Lifts
  • 3-5 Assistance exercises
  • Finisher
  • Gainz on Gainz!
  • Programming is delivered in 4-weeks blocks
  • If you’re already a BP client you’ll receive a 15% discount on this service


  • 6-week, non-barbell program that gym owners can offer to the general public for group classes
  • The program is based on providing athletes of all levels with high intensity interval circuits with low skill and bodyweight movements.
  • This program incorporates strength work in the form of hypertrophy work with dumbbells/kettlebells.
  • This class runs 3x a week and classes and can fit into a 45 or 60 minute class.
  • This service is a one-time fee

Terrible Exchange Rates? Email us first before purchasing your plan!