Box Programming for CrossFit Boxes

How We're Different

Most services program for the best and then scale for the rest

As former gym owners with over a decade in this industry we have seen the result of programming with the “more is more” mentality: burnout and injuries. 

We take the opposite approach. We tailor our programming to the majority of clients rather than the competitive CrossFitter. By programming for the rest and scaling for the best, your clients will thrive, set new PRs, and stay healthy. 

We understand the delicate balance of giving your clients what they want but also what they need, so we take the best of CrossFit and blend it with proven scientific principles of strength and conditioning. 

The evolution of CrossFit is here. Join our community of CrossFit affiliate owners and coaches that are leading the movement. 

This is CrossFit, smarter.

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We use science-backed principles to give you the safest, most effective programming available for your clients.

Old: Program for the best, scale for the rest.

  • Prioritizing movements that revolve around competition
  • Random programming without rhyme or reason
  • Only programming workouts that leave clients crushed every day
  • Not assessing individuals' needs
  • Thinking “more training” is better training
  • Over-programming high skill work
  • Not prioritizing GPP
  • Overuse injuries

New: Program for the rest, scale for the best.

  • Prioritizing movements that revolve around function
  • Strategic programming with a purpose
  • Planning hard workouts in appropriate volume
  • Aligning a movement hierarchy to individual needs
  • Understanding that smarter training is better training
  • Using low skill work to improve high skills
  • Making GPP the foundation of programming
  • Fewer injuries, less overtraining
  • All-encompassing including the best tenets of strength & conditioning and Classic CrossFit
  • Includes warm-ups, strength, skill, conditioning, accessory pieces
  • Coaches notes & coach education video module course
  • Integrated with WODify, SugarWOD & BTWB
  • $249/month
  • 5-weeks in length including 5-6 video modules per week
  • Includes hundreds of training and demonstration videos, instructional images, PDF templates, handouts, study guides, tools, and worksheets.
  • Whiteboard lessons of actual program design
  • $699/one-time purchase


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