Our Methodology

Our programming is a system of concurrent fitness derived from Louie Simmons’ Conjugate System, specifically designed for general population athletes of all levels. This system develops work capacity; simultaneously developing all aspects of fitness 365 days a year, improving one’s limiting factors, and includes variance to avoid accommodation.

Our system involves a balance of strength work (max effort vs. dynamic effort work), energy systems work (high intensity vs. low intensity), and accessory work (work to improve your clients limiting factors).

With a set template, we are able to ensure proper recovery between sessions, while getting your clients closer to their goals.With this approach, the risk of overuse injury and overtraining is non-existent and ensures all your clients receive equal parts of strength and conditioning work, regardless of which days they decide to train.

Our overall objective with group fitness is focusing on delivering training that is going to get your clients closer to their goals of looking better and living longer. With that said, building your clients’ General Physical Preparedness (GPP) is paramount, and is an integral part of our system.


Our system is constantly varied to avoid accommodation and because we have specific priorities built into the plan, including CrossFit benchmark workouts is easy and safe. In addition, we include multiple levels of scaling including lower-skill movement patterns, to ensure athletes of all levels are receiving the desired stimulus of each training session, as well as receiving training that aligns with their abilities.


Our clients receive 4-weeks of programming upon signing up, and with each passing a day, a new day is added to the programming calendar, meaning you’ll always be ahead and never run out of programming.

Planning is important for any gym owner, so having your programming at your fingertips for advance planning is key. Additionally, all of our programs can be downloaded to a PDF that includes all demo videos linked to the actual movements in the programming, to make it easy to deliver the programming to your coaches. You can even select a date range you’d like to download.


Results and lack of injuries. Expect your athletes to be challenged in a new way. We program many movements that are outside of what is considered “the norm”, but this is by design; having the advantage of novelty and effectiveness. Your clients will have the ability to retest their progress on a continuous 12-16 week basis. You can also expect to never have any guesswork with our programming. Our programs are well-thought-out and planned with meticulous detail based off of practical knowledge and scientific principles. We produce content every week that further explains all principles used in our programming.

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