Good morning all –

We’ve been able to take some great feedback over the last few months and wanted to let you know of some the changes that will be taking place in the upcoming months.

All of the changes have been fully implemented in September and Octobers programming, but you may have even noticed it in new programming that is being released each day.

1) Improved lesson plan timing: I’ve added more time to each class so you can coach, explain, set-up, ect. You should notice this right away, but it will be even more noticeable in September and Octobers programming. This has been done without taking anything away from the programming in terms of still getting your athletes great results!

2) Simplified lesson plans: I’ve prioritized only 1 accessory movement at the end of each class. In terms of other components like workout composition, rep-schemes, workout time structure even that has been simplified to keep your classes running smoothly and prevent confusion.

3) 1st of the Month Billing: Starting Sept. 1 we are moving everyone to the 1st of the month billing. With this feature you’ll always know your billing date, you’ll receive the entire month of programming after your payment has gone through.

At the end of each month, you’ll be able to view Week 1 of the upcoming month so you’ll never run out of programming, but once the 1st of the month hits the entire month will be populated into the programming calendar.

If your payment falls in the middle of the month your upcoming month will be prorated.

4) More content: I am sending out new and old content via our newsletter every other day. If you have coaches that should be receiving this please have them sign-up for our newsletter on This is to ensure we are always in the “know” with what we are doing.

5) Competitor Programming: This programming was integrated with Affiliate about 4-months ago, but I’ve worked on making it align even more with regular classes to keep your community close while still giving your competitors what they need. Most of the “extra work” will be after class now. You’ll notice this right away.

I will say September and Octobers programming is pretty awesome so I’m very excited for all of you to see it!

Please let me know if you have any questions.