Science-Based Programming That Produces Lasting Results

Real, lasting results don’t come from random execution of ideas … they come from strategic application of principles based on science.

CrossFit Programming is broken.

Most group programming is unscientific, random, linear, and at odds with people’s real fitness goals, not to mention difficult to manage in a real-world environment where clients come and go.

Many “experts” in the sport of CrossFit claim to be great at programming but fail to understand that there is MUCH more to programming than just a collection of workouts that leave your clients sprawled out on the gym floor every day. Those programs only produce client results for a short period of time and ultimately end in injuries.

We fix client retention problems by addressing the root cause. We give business owners and coaches the program design and service delivery training–and the support they need–to drive long-term client results and build clients for life.

How It Works

We provide you with everything you need to deliver lasting results for every client, every time.


Box Programming uses the concurrent model popularized by renowned strength coach Louie Simmons as the conjugate method. It has since been refined through the latest science to ensure proper distribution of intensity and movement patterns to concurrently improve all aspects of fitness.


You can only stress an organism so much. Too many CrossFit clients are chronically stressed from bad diets, sleep patterns, and lifestyles. Then they go to the gym and stress themselves more. Stress on stress has been scientifically proven to reduce performance. You don’t get better. You go backward, burn out, and stop going to the gym.  


Bad mechanics destroy results. And doing the same pattern of movement over and over again creates overuse injuries (as well as a lot of other problems). Box Programming works different planes of movement on a consistent basis, to avoid injuries while improving fitness in all areas.

Concurrent Periodization

The conjugate method develops all aspects of fitness simultaneously, so clients don’t lose one aspect (for example, strength) to develop another (such as conditioning). The method also solves the group fitness problem of people entering and leaving classes over time, because there is always a strong benefit for every person in every class.


When coaches don’t understand “the why” behind scientific program design, too often they lean on the “just push yourself harder” philosophy of training… which always ends in failing the client. We educate coaches on the method and design behind effective programming so they better understand how to lead their clients in successfully achieving their goals for life.

Lesson plans

Too many coaches teach classes flying by the seat of their pants. We make it easy for all coaches to deliver high-quality client experiences with cohesive lesson plans that tie everything together (regardless of who is coaching a specific class). This produces consistent client satisfaction and goal achievement to drive retention and results.

Proven Track Record of Success

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People work out using our system on a daily basis!

Box Programming
Success Principles

Most programming services have no rhyme or reason behind the workout. This leads to client overtraining and overuse injuries–killing client results and motivation.

Our method prioritizes what clients most need and aligns those needs to their goals. This ensures they stay safe, motivated, and get results for the long-term. For long-term successful application, you need to learn and master three key success principles:

  1. Know the why – Education to remove guesswork and lead effectively. 
  2. Prioritize for the greater good – Program design for the majority of client needs and goals.
  3. Plan to win – Programming that’s planned and designed scientifically from the start and takes clients on a journey from where they are to their real goals.

1. Know the WHY

Clients come to you because they cannot achieve results on their own. They don’t know what they need (and often what they think they need is wrong).

To make matters worse, most coaches don’t truly understand what to do (or why they should be doing it) either!

You end up with the blind leading the blind. You BOTH end up in a ditch.

The client thinks he needs to feel “dead” after each workout. Then they burn out, get hurt, and do not reach their fitness goals.

And the CrossFit business owner thinks they need to give clients what they seem to be asking for (to be “smoked” during each workout). But that just causes endless client churn when people get discouraged and walk out the door.

That’s why you need to understand the WHY and be able to communicate it effectively. Knowing the science, the biology and the bio-energetics of the training plan for clients will drive competence, confidence, and successful application of effective training plans and results.

Only then will clients make steady progress toward their goals without becoming injured or bored … and they’ll continue to be inspired, and stay long-term (even for life)!

The high level of education offered by Box Programming shows you the WHY and takes the guesswork and randomness out of workouts. Clients end up with better bodies, better conditioning, and stronger muscles, with great energy and enthusiasm to continue the program long-term.

2. Prioritize for the Greater Good

In typical CrossFit facilities, most programs are designed to support the best athletes … then are scaled down for the rest (who are the vast majority of people walking through your doors).

This prioritizing of the top of the class fails because the majority of clients aren’t supported by elite-athlete training programs that are scaled-down.

Elite athletes have one set of goals (competition). Your “average Joes and Janes” have a completely different set (how they look and feel).

The majority of your clients will become discouraged when asked to perform movements and exercises that over-tax their abilities and don’t fit their goals.

We believe program design should be based on the majority of clients’ needs and goals, and then scaled up for the elite minority within your facility.

Focusing and prioritizing the majority means more clients will enjoy the experience of your programs, get more out of training, and will be transformed when they look and feel better.

Even more important, this program will be safer for them to execute … the program may be “less sexy” than a scaled-down elite-athlete program, but it will produce much better longer-term results for clients and for your business.

3. Plan to Win

Most facilities follow random program design … every day (or every session) is “made up” as they go along … with the reason being “life is random, so should training.”

The success of each class depends on individual coaching skills and there’s no consistency across coaching or days.  

The problem is that while life is random, training shouldn’t be … winning training programs must adhere to scientific principles that work together over time to produce consistent improvements across the entire range of client fitness.

Virtually all clients want to look better, be stronger, and have better conditioning. Random programs at best will help one area at the expense of another, such as training for conditioning at the expense of body composition, or strength at the cost of conditioning.

Our programs are designed based on the idea of “plan to win.” They are designed to improve clients’ body composition, strength, and conditioning all at the same time, and none at the expense of another.

Our programs improve ALL areas for each client, no matter the current skill level, from novice to expert.

There’s hard science and years of experience behind all this and that’s at the root of all our planning.

The result is clients can see measurable improvements in looks, strength, and conditioning, all while staying safe and within their own abilities, which inspires them to continue to improve. Then they stay longer–even for life.

Plus, your programming is not coach-dependent, and as a business owner, you get successful results no matter WHO is coaching an individual class.

Ready to level-up your clients' results?