Frequently Asked Questions

Over the last three years, I’ve had the privilege of speaking with more than 500 CrossFit Affiliates and learn a little bit about their operations. The funniest part is that almost EVERY Affiliate owner has the exact same questions, concerns, and statements:

“I just don’t have the time for programming.”
“We are an average gym with regular people.”
“I leave it until Sunday night (programming) and I’m not really sure if I’m putting as much effort into it as I should.”

If you own your own gym, you know how much work goes into running it, and you know that as the owner you probably wear multiple hats. Programming is very time consuming, and outsourcing your programming can take quite a bit of time and worry off of your plate.

Below I outline all the commonly asked questions I get from Affiliate owners:

Q: How do I sign-up for programming?

A: We highly recommend that you book a free call under here before signing up for our programming, but if you’re eager to get started you can sign-up here

Q: How much programming do I receive?

A: You will have an entire month of programming at a time. All billing is done on the 1st of the month so if you’re starting in the middle of the month your first payment will be prorated and your first full payment will take place on the 1st of the month.

Q: Will my coaches receive educational resources to execute the programming?

A: Yes, we send out a weekly and monthly breakdown that gives coaches a heads up on what videos they’ll need to watch, what benchmarks we are testing and when we last tested them, and what articles they should read. All of the videos are connected to the actual programming as well.

Q: Do I need special equipment to use your programming?

A: No, you do not. Only the standard equipment found at just about any CrossFit box. There will be options to use specialized equipment like sleds, Air bikes, and Ski Ergs so if you have that equipment you’ll still be able to utilize it.

Q: Is the programming customized to my gym?

A: Our programming is not customized to each gym, but there are multiple scaling options for equipment/space constraints. This programming is geared toward the general population; specialization in this setting is not necessary, as we are taking into account the “greatest good for greatest number,” which allows us to prioritize building our clients’ bases and giving them the tools to improve their health.

Q: Do you run cycles?

A: Specific cycles geared toward developing one mode of fitness is very ineffective in a group setting. Our model is a concurrent model of fitness geared toward delivering well-rounded fitness 365 days a year.

Q: Do you program for the CrossFit Open?

A: Yes, I implement CrossFit Open WODs on a yearly basis and when the Open occurs it is configured into our programming to make sure we are putting people in the best possible position.

Q: What about Competitor Training?

A: We offer a Competitor Training that aligns with our Affiliate Programming. There is a considerable difference in volume, high-skill movement patterns, and longer training sessions, but your Competitors will NOT be 100% separate from your general classes allowing your community to thrive!

Q: What about CrossFit Benchmark Workouts, Hero WODs?

A: You can expect to see classic CrossFit benchmarks on a 16-week basis as well as a long list of Box Programming benchmarks on a 12-16 week basis. Hero WODs are typically scheduled for holidays.

Q: Should I tell my members?

A: We air on the side of “less is more.” Sometimes telling your clients too much only opens up the door for unnecessary questions. The best move is to let your folks know you’re starting a new training cycle so to be open-minded to seeing some new “stuff.” They’ll get to retest their new levels of fitness in 12-16 weeks time so you’ll be able to prove to them their hard work is paying off!

Q: Is there a minimum commitment?

A: There is no minimum commitment!

Change is a good thing!

A fear gym owners have when it comes to outsourcing programming is that they’ll lose members.

As humans, it’s easy to think people won’t like something or pushback on something new, but the flipside is that your folks may be very receptive.

They may love the change of pace, how they feel, and the results that are soon to follow. Our own neurosis of assuming the worst can be put to bed when people feel better, look better and smash PRs.

Sometimes change can be a great thing, and if you’re able to remove stress from your already stressful life, spend more time working on your business and more time with your family I’d say that’s a pretty good trade-off.

We hope to have you on board soon!