PRINCIPLES OF Program Design

Become an expert in the Conjugate Method & Energy Systems

Program Design Course


BP Program Design Certification is an all-encompassing strength & conditioning principles, Conjugate Method, strength systems, energy systems, and more, certification program. Take your level of knowledge to the next level and better train your clients.

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The Goal: Write Effective Plans Based On Science That Align With Your Clients' Needs & Goals.

Who is it for?

CrossFit coaches, personal trainers, strength and conditioning coaches, physical therapists, and chiropractors who want to increase their knowledge of anything within the realm of strength and conditioning … and who want to know WHY they’re doing what they’re doing.

How does it work?

This program is structured as a 5-week course with a comprehensive final exam. You watch the videos, do the homework, complete all the modules on strength, conditioning, bio-energetics, sequencing, and class management. Then you take the comprehensive examination and score 80% or higher.

Why does it exist?

Because there is a huge gap in the industry. Many coaches think “more is more” and are going against the grain when it comes to serving their clients. Effective Program design is based on science NOT random workouts.

Where does it happen?

The Box Programming Coach Certification course is offered online and consists of all the in-depth educational content you’ll need, including hundreds of training and demonstration videos, instructional images, PDF templates, handouts, study guides, tools, and worksheets.

What can I expect?

How do I get started?

The Box Programming Coach Certification starts as soon as you enroll. Designed to be completed as quickly as five weeks, you may progress at your own pace, and re-study and re-take the final exam.

Program Design Course


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Lesson 0M0V1Introduction0.55
Lesson 1M1V1The Stress Model13.30
Lesson 2M1V2Training Effects10.47
Lesson 3M1V3The Nervous System13.35
Lesson 4M1V4Plyometrics14.52
Lesson 5M1V5Muscle Fiber Types13.08

Lesson 1M2V1What is Strength?17.32
Lesson 2M2V2Periodization21.36
Lesson 3M2V3The Max Effort Method16.34
Lesson 4M2V4The Dynamic Effort Method19.15
Lesson 5M2V5Additional Strength Measures16.32

Lesson 1M3V1Bioenergetics15.20
Lesson 2M3V2ATP-PC System16.58
Lesson 3M3V3Glycolytic System12.18
Lesson 4M3V4Oxidative System21.00
Lesson 5M3V5Energy Control & Recovery Methods13.52
Lesson 1M4V1Template Design Part 111.58
Lesson 2M4V2Template Design Part 212.36
Lesson 3M4V3Whiteboard Program Design26.57
Lesson 4M4V4Individual Program Design39.29
Lesson 5M4V5Closing Thoughts11.17
Lesson 1M5V1Functional Anatomy33.28
Lesson 2M5V2Warm-ups13.15
Lesson 3M5V3Coaching Dynamic Effort Upper07.27
Lesson 4M5V4Coaching Dynamic Effort Lower09.22
Lesson 5M5V5The Conjugate Method28.03

ConclusionM6V1Conclusion & Final Exam0.42

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