Improve your pull-ups by building your back

The age-old question posed to CrossFit coaches from clients is “how do I get better at pull-ups?” In CrossFit, the infamous pull-ups get a lot of attention. Skill work to improve the gymnastics kip is usually at the forefront of improving clients’ pull-ups. However, there are some consequences to learning how to kip too early. In fact, … Read more

Why you should be using accommodating resistance

The Use of Accommodating Resistance Accommodating Resistance refers to the use of chains or bands to develop maximal tension throughout the full range of motion, rather than at your weakest point. While there are a number of benefits to using accommodating resistance, one of the most noteworthy is accommodating the strength curve in which tension … Read more

The Conjugate Method

It’s no mystery that Louie Simmons has produced some of the strongest powerlifters in the world and anyone that has been in the trenches for a decent amount of time has more than likely heard of Westside Barbell. Many think that Louie Simmons’ Conjugate Method is only for powerlifters and will have little carryover to … Read more

The benefits of regular plyometrics for the general population

Does your average client really need to be training explosive strength? Yes! Why? Because plyometrics are the most effective way to improve the rate of force development. For this reason, your clients are able to utilize high-threshold motor units to a greater degree than they are with their dynamic effort squats. But the benefits don’t … Read more

To Modify or Not to Modify a Workout

Over the last 20 years, I’ve been lucky enough to only sustain a few injuries while training, but aches and pains were far more common. I’m happy to say that for the last three years, aches and pains have been non-existent. Aches and pains are going to happen to everyone at one time or another, … Read more

GPP work – you’re doing it wrong

The term “GPP” (general physical preparedness) gets thrown around in CrossFit quite a bit – many coaches claim that the goal of their program is to develop GPP yet many of these same coaches don’t use measures that actually develop it. And throwing heavy deadlifts into a WOD for your clients who are already lacking in … Read more

Avoid Redlining

With the 2019 CrossFit Open kicking off this week, it’s a time to test your level of conditioning, but also your level of strategy. As people obsess over their scores many will repeat these workouts. If you’re wondering whether or not you should allow your clients to do this check this article out here. But … Read more

Internet Search Programmer

There are inherent risks to simply taking workouts off of the internet and using that for your group programming. The most important thing to keep in mind is that thoughtful programming is built on science, not just random ideas – going against the laws of human biology is something that happens all too often in … Read more

Strength: the base of all fitness

For years many coaches in CrossFit circles assert that conditioning should take precedence over strength work; some of the biggest names in the biz follow promote this mantra. This is clear in anyone’s programming that follows a traditional CrossFit model or where “strength” days are seldom. And don’t expect to see single-joint hypertrophy work that … Read more

5 Loaded Carries for Conditioning

It’s no mystery that loaded carries have a multitude of uses. The fact that we are able to effectively check off multiple boxes in terms of benefits is an added bonus. We know that loaded carries can help us to develop stability in all three planes of motion, but we often don’t consider the value … Read more