Strength & Conditioning in the same session

The topic of whether or not it is prudent to perform strength and conditioning in the same session is often debated. I will preface this article by saying the optimal scenario would be for athletes to separate sessions that each have one specific focus. For though this may not be possible, so what is the … Read more

10 Training Mistakes to Avoid

It’s all too common to fall into the trap of taking training advice from social media “experts” that might have a great six-pack or killer buns. The reality is that having great abs and glutes are not necessarily indicative of a great coach. What’s worse is CrossFit games level athletes posting their “active recovery day” … Read more

Why Linear Cycles Suck

“Linear Periodization is like going 3/4 the way up the mountain and turning around before you reach the top” – Louie Simmons Over the last 10 years we’ve experimented with linear periodization in our programming but always found more drawbacks than benefits — not to mention the results have paled in comparison to using conjugate … Read more

New squat variations for new gains

As a society with information at our fingertips at any given point in the day, you can follow just about any of your favorite strength coaches and trainers on social media and get bombarded by knowledge bombs every minute, on the minute, if you please. This can be a blessing and a curse, though, as … Read more

Instagram worthy glutes

Glutes – the cornerstone of health & performance Direct glute training has become the Instagram-go-to for those looking to increase their number of followers or sell programs. And to be honest, that’s perfectly fine as direct training for the buns has too many benefits outside of just the aesthetics to ignore. At BP we are … Read more

Aerobic fitness – the secret to making gains

In the strength and conditioning world, strength is often prioritized and conditioning is somewhat of an after-thought. To give you an example, take the typical college football program (I’m going to use mine as an example of one I’ve had the first-hand experience with.) Between your main lifting sessions, you’ll see things such as field … Read more

Strength: the base of all fitness

For years many coaches in CrossFit circles assert that conditioning should take precedence over strength work; some of the biggest names in the biz follow promote this mantra. This is clear in anyone’s programming that follows a traditional CrossFit model or where “strength” days are seldom. And don’t expect to see single-joint hypertrophy work that … Read more

How to use both the Max Effort Method & Dynamic Effort Method

“I didn’t invent toilet paper, but I’m smart enough to use it” – Louie The Max Effort Method (ME) “Lift heavy every day” is the last thing you want to do with your training. Of course, the max effort method (ME) is the best method of training we have available to us, but too much of the … Read more

CrossFit Competitor Programming

Social media has lied to you – it’s not about crushing your soul daily with exorbitant amounts of handstand push-ups and full snatches. And it’s not about pushing yourself to the max daily in hopes of making gainz. It’s about training for the long haul pain-free while still being able to progress all facets of … Read more

The best damn conjugate plan ever

You’ve heard it before too many times with a tag line like “best training plan,” but this article isn’t meant to convince that you should stop what you’re doing and start a new program. This training plan certainly isn’t for everyone, but for the right person, it’s hard to beat. Let me explain. If you’re … Read more