It’s no mystery that high-level CrossFitters use EMOMs (every minute on the minute) in their training, but what is the significance of this type of training, and how is it relevant to everyday folks that just want to feel like and look better?

The logic is simple: perform a high-output of work with relatively short rest periods. The objective here is “battery-training”, which put simply means how fast can you recharge your battery in order to perform your next set.

The other unforeseen aspect of this type of training is strengthening your mental game because if programmed correctly, these sets will challenge your will in which you’ll likely not want to complete your next interval.

For high-level CrossFitters that demonstrate high-levels of Aerobic Power, they can sustain their efforts without going Anaerobic meaning, they use primarily oxygen whereas the untrained athlete will likely go Anaerobic pretty quickly without sufficient rest between sets and use ATP, which as we know will deplete fast.

The key is to progress over time and not hit the wall in your first go around with these EMOMs. Again, if programmed intelligently, these sets can be an amazing tool to perform a high volume of work in a short period of time.

Below I’m going to detail a 3-week plan where you can incorporate EMOM work into your current training plan. These sessions should NOT take away from your current objectives and can actually supplement your goals.

Week 1

Day 1
Week 1: We will use a set-amount of work-duration to ensure you’re getting some recovery between sets.
ODD Minutes: 30s Power Cleans (115, 75)
EVEN Minutes: 30s Lateral Burpees over the Bar
*Record total reps for each movement for each set.

Day 2 (48 hours later)
ODD Minutes: 15 S20H (135, 95) 
EVEN Minutes: 10-15 Pull-ups (butterfly or kipping) 

Day 3 (48 hours later, 72 hours away from Day 1)
EMOM 10:
2 Squat Cleans + Jerks @75% of 1RM.

Week 2

Repeat Days 1 and 2, but take the highest rep count you achieved for one of your sets last week and use that as your set amount of work for this week, ie. If the highest rep count you achieved last week was 12 Power Cleans and 8 Lateral Burpees for the 30s of work, then perform that for each minute of your EMOM this week.

Day 3 (48 hours later, 72 hours away from Day 1)
EMOM 10:
2 Squat Cleans + Jerks @80% of 1RM.

Week 3

Day 1:
EMOM as long as possible adding 1 rep each minute:
Deadlift (135, 95)
Power Clean (135, 95)
Front Squat (135, 95)
*Set 1 you’ll perform 1 deadlift + 1 power clean + 1 front squat. Set 2: perform 2 deadlifts + 2 power cleans + 2 Front Squats and so on.

Day 2: (48 hours later)
EMOM 10:
7 Burpees
7 T2B 
*If you get to a point where you cannot complete the work in the 60s stop and note where you finished.

Day 3: (48 hours later, 72 hours away from Day 1)
1 Squat Clean + Jerk
*Start at 50% and add 5-10% every minute. 

In short, if you want a new challenge while adding in some work that will challenge you both mentally and physically give these a try. As you progress through these 3-weeks you’ll likely find that are able to recharge your battery faster in order to perform each set efficiently. Of course, if you need to scale down the volume/movements to match your needs/ability feel free to do so as these EMOMs are not designed to “break-you”.

The great news is that you can structure these in a variety of ways with a variety of movements based on your goals. Overall, keep your EMOMs practical meaning try to not prescribe too much work in each set, leaving you dying by your 3rd set.

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