I take the writing of programming for other facilities very seriously.


The success and health of your athletes is my number one priority, so a countless number of hours go into programming, planning, continuing my education, and testing programming on a weekly basis.

Furthermore, we aim to educate and empower our clients to become more knowledgeable and effective coaches. We encourage you to explore the many free Box Programming resources available on our website, like the extensive Knowledge database, the highly popular FAQ page, or our vast YouTube Movement Library, all available to the public for free!

With close to 15 years of Strength and Conditioning experience, I can guarantee with the utmost confidence that you are getting a product that is unlike any other available, that is going to get your clients closer to their goals, and that is constantly evolving.

Click here to book a free call with me, or scroll down to the bottom of this page to request a video tour of our platform, which features a generous programming sample and a chance to see the back end of the website.


Looking forward to connecting with you!



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